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I WROTE ON JANUARY 15th  2015:


Sant'Elpidio a Mare (Italy)
15th January 2015

To the youth of this world

Listen to me youth, you that look in the magazines for a model of life, you that compare yourself and try  to look like what they propose. You that see in the cinema a model to follow. You who go to the disco to look for life, happiness and enjoyment, and try to find the answers to your  existence in the television by imitating its morality.
You that see fashion, that is materialistic and discriminatory, as a symbol of beauty, as a symbol of superiority. You who yearn to money as a thirsty man in the desert, because it makes you feel powerful and untouchable in front of everyone, and love all that is material, to try to feel important and special.
Life is not this one.
Listen to me youth, I am talking to you, yes, to you. You who listen and worship artists as they were Gods, following their advices as a disciple who listens to his master. I assure you that nothing will teach you more than to remain silent with your feet on the ground and your gaze up at the sky.
Listen to me youth, you that look for grandeur and power, that want to be like a God on Earth. I assure you that there is no greater wealth than the truth. And It is not  richer the one who has got more, but the one who needs less of this society.

Listen to me youth, you who lock yourself in your room and  do not see the sun for days, you who listen to the music that pollutes your life, you that worry about clothing, which makes you different from the other youth and puts you in a certain social class ,  you that  fill your body with wounds. There is no more beautiful clothing for  man than happyness.
Listen to me, I also speak with you. You that look for a piece of bread in the streets to get through the day and curse every moment of being born into poverty, while others enjoy of their dirty comforts. Relax, it is not poor the one who has no luxuries and comforts, but the one who has no love or dreams in his heart. And I assure you that those who live in comforts will never know the desire and the thirst for justice, as instead it will happen to you.
Listen to me youth, your life is worth more than all the wealth of this world. You can change everything if you want it, you can turn the world into a paradise and by joining with others, you can make justice for all those who suffer. It is you, youth, that can break the chains of your mind, break the structures and change everything around you. Till, along with other young people, you can save those who live in the death.
Listen to me youth, life is waiting for you, answer to it. Turn off your TV, tear off your magazines, dressed up with the clothes you have, use your money to feed yourself and your brothers, criticize this world,  do not accept it. And show everyone who you are. Nothing can stop the rebellion burning in your chest. The shoots and the weapons can never stop it. You are free, but you subjugate yourself. Leave everything, love life and follow those who already do it.
Listen to me youth, I know you can do it, Life trusts you. You who do not believe in anything and  you  that  believe in everything, you who have power and you that do not have it, you who are afraid and you that face everything with courage. The hope for the future is in you.
What are you afraid of? What can stop you? There is nothing that prevents you from succeeding  if you want it. Make up your mind. Many need it. Get up and walk! Face the  death with the eyes that shine the light of the change. Face, fight, show yourself  in front of everybody. The  time, that the world  know your strength, your passion and your resistance, has come. Do not be afraid, do not let the shyness win, do not hide everything you have inside and love with all your soul those who suffer and those who have nothing to eat, those who suffer the cold or who are unjustly punished, those without a roof to shelter themselves from the rain or a mother to comfort themselves when they cry.
They are waiting for you. Get out of your house, break your barriers, exceeds your indifference and look for your friends to talk about everything that happens and think together about how to change the reality. Look for your acquaintances and join them in this fight. And if someone tells you that you are crazy and puts hmself against you, ignore him: he did not know life as you did.
Listen to the me youth, do not  look yourself in the mirror imitating models of this world, it is not good to be like them, it is good to be really themselves.
Listen carefully to everything that they tell you, because the world knows who you are and what you are capable of and it will do anything to get you away from your ideals and from your dreams. But you never forget them, and do not betray them. It is for them that you live and breathe. What you see it is not life but death. What you feel is alive, and feel then,  feel inside you and learn to listen to your heart by making yourself free from the thoughts.
The revolution must begin, there is no time, it has been waited too much. Get up! Do not make you influence by the matter. Leave this world, which can offer you only a fleeting satisfaction. But you can reach the eternal happiness. Start. And if you think no one will listen to you, relax, I am already with you for fight.

Mat?as Lucas Guffanti
13th  January  2015
Lily Mariposa Lily Ark
Rosario - Santa Fe ? Argentina