The Virgin in fact, besides the revelation of the imminence of the Third World War caused by the perseverance of man with his violent, selfish and irresponsible behaviour, foretold him that ?Beings of the Cosmos will come to Earth from places far away in the Universe. In the name of God?. It was an extraordinary revelation that Lucia knew as well, and she wrote it by herself on 25 lines that are still kept under the most stringent secret. The link between the apparitions of Mary and the visit of Beings coming from other worlds was strengthened by numerous testimonies that saw luminous globes in the sky, coinciding with the ecstatic glance of the seer. There are many filmed and photographed evidences on this, some of which go back to ancient times as paintings of the 1500s show. The same Giorgio Bongiovanni, during the early experiences, saw both the Virgin and Jesus coming out of globes of light, and many of his messages came from Extraterrestrial Beings. Among the most important ones, some dealt with the visit of Christ on other planets, where, instead of being crucified, he was positively received by these civilisations that achieved redemption. Afterwards, four luminous flying objects prepared the young stigmatist to a further sign of suffering. It was July the 26th, 1993. In Aurora, Uruguay, a cross-shaped wound appeared on his forehead, positioned near the third eye: it was the sixth stigmata.

Before returning home, Giorgio Bongiovanni visited Mexico City, where he was interviewed for the first time by the famous Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, who was the author of the only existing video on his story. Giorgio in fact, trusting completely the expert, agreed on undergoing blood tests, psychological and psychiatric analyses. The result confirmed the full mental stability of the man, and identified surprising differences for the speed of blood coagulation that came out of the stigmatas compared to the vein blood, and for the scent: the blood of the wounds gave out a delicate rose fragrance. The wounds, despite the hygienic conditions that Giorgio faces during his journeys around the world, have never showed any trace of infection and have never been treated with medications or ointments. Following the bleeding, the only protections were gloves, cotton socks and padding on the chest. The doctors had so far considered his case as unexplainable. From this moment onwards, Jaime Maussan became a systematic observer of the experience of Giorgio Bongiovanni, often guaranteeing their authenticity on numerous television and radio-phonic programs hosted by him in his country, and in many seminars and international public conferences where he was invited.

In September 1993, a gathering with all the representatives of the ?Nonsiamosoli? centres established during the years around the world was held in Nicolosi (CT - Sicily). On that occasion, before hundreds of people comprising also journalists, Eugenio Siragusa handed over officially, to his Spiritual Son, the responsibility of divulgating the universal message of which they were both testimonies. Jaime Maussan was also present at the meeting, and a few days later, during the UFO congress held in San Marino, he introduced Giorgio Bongiovanni to the German anthropologist Michael Hesemann. The acquaintance with these two eminent researchers, who later on became close friends, marked for the stigmatist the beginning of a new phase in his mission. In fact, Hesemann introduced Giorgio Bongiovanni to the international UFO community, and for the first time, during November 1994, he took part to the International UFO Congress of Mesquite, Nevada, where the top scholars on the phenomenon met to present the results of their studies. Giorgio?s role within that environment, that by the way welcomed him warmly and positively, was to explain the spiritual implication of the extraterrestrial visit on Earth. In fact, until that moment the experts around the world focussed mainly on collecting and analysing the filmed and photographed documents that at least proved the presence of Unidentified Flying Objects in the skies of our planet. The stigmatist offered a further point of view: starting from his direct experience of contactee, he could start to explain whom these Beings are, why they come, and what they want, having them a technology far more advanced than ours. Every year Giorgio Bongiovanni was invited as lecturer or guest to the yearly meeting where, beyond the enthusiasm of the participants regarding his extraordinary experience, he was considered a valued expert. The good relationships of friendship with many researchers allowed Giorgio to create an immense archive of visual documents of sanctioned validity.

On the 28th of October 1994, together with Michael Hesemann, Giorgio Bongiovanni spoke to the United Nations, invited by the SEAT (Society for Enlightenment and Transformation), and intervened on the topic ?Dialogue on the Universe: the result of the extraterrestrial contact on the human evolution?. Meanwhile the events progressed exactly in the opposite direction to the caring appeals of the Virgin and of these Beings. The war in Rwanda broke out, while France re-launched the race to lethal weaponry through the nuclear experiments in the Polynesian atolls. The atomic tests of China, India, Pakistan, and North Korea followed on. The years ?95 and ?96 saw Giorgio constantly active abroad, and he started to gain popularity even in Italy. He got invited to different television programmes both on State and on private channels. His message caused astonishment because there were both the signs of stigmatas and the numerous documents collected by him during the various journeys to support his position. Spectacular videos and incredible photographs, influential testimonies of militaries, pilots, astronauts and well known scientists were divulged by the young stigmatist and by his group of collaborators through the magazine Nonsiamosoli and through some video documentaries. During a series of conferences in Italy, he got introduced to Paola Giovetti, the notorious writer already engaged in spirituality for years. A sincere and productive friendship was born between the two, so that the only existing book on the story of Giorgio was written (La straordinaria esperienza di Giorgio Bongiovanni ? The extraordinary experience of Giorgio Bongiovanni ? Ed. Meditterranee 1997).

However Giorgio did not forget the most vulnerable and the weakest ones. In September 1996 he organised in Porto S. Elpidio a gathering with friends and affiliated in order to collect funds to devolve to a small African Community. With the money collected, he rented a small area of land in order to allow these brothers to feed themselves and to become independent. In Africa, where he went personally to bring aid, beyond the hundreds of people that asked for his benediction, he met Bernard Kolelas, the leader of the Congolese opposition, who offered his support against the dictator at the time. The 2nd of September arrived once more, in 1996. Giorgio turned 33 years of age. In Floridia, his home town, near the home of his brother Filippo, he lived a new miracle. He bled from the crown of thorns, and poured tears of blood. The emotional impact for his friends and family was very strong; however Lorella, with great strength, managed to film the event with a video-camera. When he recovered from this great pain, Giorgio reported to have had a dramatic vision of the future events, and to have reached a broader understanding of his mission. The vision is apocalyptic and the message of Jesus promises Justice for the children of Life and for Mother Earth in agony.

Soon after, Giorgio Bongiovanni headed to North and South America, Mexico, Europe and Russia once more. Here the political-economical situation had fallen apart. The former president Eltsin brought the country in ruins, corruption proliferated without control, just like poverty and degradation. Giorgio, reminiscent of the words of the Madonna, could not avoid to recognize the defeat of Holy Mother Russia that however, because of the mystic link with his mission, allowed him to achieve an extraordinary result. After years of work, in fact, he managed to obtain a meeting with a Russian military delegation lead by the 3-stars general G.Rescetnikov and composed by representatives of the general, researchers of the UFO phenomenon, and by a special agent of the former KGB. Before the cameras, for the first time in history, a military in force admitted to know of the existence of alien civilisations and of military studies that dealt with the phenomenon, commissioned by the Russian government. He then presented Giorgio with an incredible proposal. He asked him whether he was willing to divulge around the world some photographic evidence and films held within the base. Giorgio accepted immediately this proposal. With his troupe in fact, he realised a video also translated in English that was showed everywhere. Russia in fact revealed to be an infinite source of excellent documentation. Direct astronauts testimonies like the 3-stars general Kovalenok, who drew for Giorgio the flying object that he saw during one of his space missions, or the cosmonaut Krikaliov, who narrated to have felt observed by a woman-like presence during his journey in orbit, or finally general Aksenov, who funded the ?Russian spiritual society? after his journey in the Cosmos. Aksenov explained his opinion on the existence of extraterrestrial beings in this way: ?Not only there will be a contact, but it is absolutely necessary if we want that humanity will have a future?. And many other testimonies followed. Thanks to this special revelation of the former Soviet Union, Giorgio Bongiovanni provided the UFO research with unique proofs that conferred him more and more popularity within the historically opposite power.

Even in the USA in fact, he was invited by some of the most famous television channels; people listened to him carefully. The meeting with different cultures was such a natural event for Giorgio that he made himself available to speak to all the folks. He was even called by the Indian tribe of the Lakota-Dakota to participate to a conference in Sioux-Falls, in South Dakota. The harmony between the young stigmatist and the few last Indian leaders left to preserve the ancient knowledge of the red people was immediate. After having honoured him as an illustrious guest, they revealed him that their ancient fathers handed from generation to generation the knowledge brought to them by the brothers of the Stars that have always accompanied the path of men. Another confirmation to the message that Giorgio is an ambassador of, that finds roots in the most remote traditions of the first people that inhabited the continent, like the Maya and the Aztecs, whose astronomical and mathematical expertise leaves the scholars completely astonished still today. September the 2nd, 1997. More blood, more tears for this humanity that rolls faster and faster towards the point of non-return. Giorgio Bongiovanni knew to have little time available and started to work incessantly and without rest. He flew to Australia, hosted by his dear friend Glennys Mackay who organised several meetings. The proverbial Anglo-Saxon coldness was overcome by the universality of the concepts that right during that year Giorgio collected in a brief composition that took the name of New Theology. It dealt with the re-examination of the Christian Dogmas based on the interpretation given by the churches of the Old and the New Testament, and with the overtake of such concepts. This also comprised the introduction of a cosmic philosophy based on the principal assumption that we are not alone in the universe, that is the Divine Omni-creating Intelligence, may that be called God o Holy Spirit, has generated life everywhere in the Universe. And, that there are races living on other planets and on other Galaxies, whose origin goes back to several billions of years before our creation. There are different races that visit us, according to the evolutionary level, and are coordinated by very pure Beings, whose body is entirely made of pulsing light just like the transportation means they use to travel around the Cosmos. As proof of this astonishing truth, Giorgio Bongiovanni published around the world the pictures taken by a Mexican contactee, Carlos Diaz, whose clear focus showed perfectly the luminous consistency of these spaceships.

Just as Galileo?s discoveries revolutionised the man?s vision under all points of view, the awareness of being part of an immense creating project of which we are nothing other than a minuscule expression still to be improved, could upset completely the present order of things, wanted and managed by few, certainly not for the good and the progress of many. It was for this main reason that governments and major religious Institutions, whose interests are alas similar to those of very powerful multinational corporations that shape the world economy, have always denied the proofs of the existence of these civilisations. Their message of Justice, Equity, and Brotherhood and their clear technological superiority of means that allow them to travel around the Cosmos, represent a threat for the powerful ones. For this reason, campaigns of defamation based on films that present the extraterrestrials like cruel invaders and on false information brought up within the research fields to create confusion both among the scholars and among those that were sensitive to this theme. Giorgio Bongiovanni went ahead with his journeys among people to whom he explains this intimate connection between the Christ, his promised Second Come, and the contact with alien civilisations. The Christic message is always the same: You shall love your neighbour as yourself. On other planets, this sacred commandment was understood and accomplished, allowing the evolution of pacific and advanced civilisations in equilibrium between science and spirit. For this reason, they can travel across space and time to reach planets still backward like ours, and assist them with their evolutionary struggle. It is for this reason, that besides the eventual acknowledgment of our governors ? as these Beings stress in the various messages given to Giorgio ? this contact will happen. In fact, it will take place either during peaceful or during war times, either during a period of balance or during the climatic chaos that will anyhow mark the passage of the Planet Earth from the third to the fourth Dimension.

In 1997 Giorgio Bongiovanni founded the publishing house Nonsiamosoli Video that took care of editing documentaries and magazines like TERZOMILLENNIO (third millennium) and UFO la visita extraterrestre (UFO, the extraterrestrial visit), distributed all over Italy. The path that brought Giorgio to these results has not been easy, but rather full of hardship and distress. The deepest wound, that will never find relief, was the separation from his Spiritual Father Eugenio Siragusa because of a conflict of methodology mainly due to Giorgio?s choices. Many did not understand this delicate passage. The message must be not only divulged, it must be lived with strength and coherence, the cost is not a concern. To do this, the necessary effort is unconditional and complete. This firm position cost Giorgio the loss of many supporters in Italy and abroad that accused him to have failed his program. Notwithstanding the fact that his duty became more and more difficult, the stigmatist carried on with his path. In May 1998 the magazine TERZOMILLENNIO was published with the subtitle ?towards Anthropocracy?, i.e. the ?Government of the mankind?. This concept was developed by Nicol? Giuseppe Bellia, a contemporary philosopher, who theorized legislative and economical reformations in order to establish a more equal governing system. Giorgio embraced the anthropocratic project with enthusiasm, becoming its promoter, as it represented a possibility to accomplish the universal principles of Justice and equality that inspired the message. Even the openness towards a task very similar to his own caused him to be heavily criticized.

September the 2nd, 1998. Giorgio Bongiovanni bled once more from the crown of thorns and cried tears of blood. The effect of this further painful experience resulted in a more severe writing stile on the magazine. The accusations were directed to the people that caused desperation, misery and hopelessness of the weakest ones, and to the pollution and the exploitation of the environment and his resources. In this occasion as well, Giorgio Bongiovanni tried to get up and published on TERZOMILLENNIO articles and interviews of individuals active in causes in favour of life, independently from their belief or political opinion. With the same spirit, in October the magazine UFO la visita extraterrestre (UFO, the extraterrestrial visit) was published and distributed all over Italy, containing documentaries realised through Giorgio Bongiovanni?s close international contacts. It was an extraordinary product, unique in its genre, containing researches, documents, analyses, experts? opinions and the direct testimonies from people all over the world. Not even on ?UFO? he spared the harsh criticism directed to the governments that conceal this truth hindering the man?s evolution of knowledge and conscience. The attacks fell from everywhere, both from the opponents and from people supposedly friends. Before the summer of 1999, Giorgio set free all the Nonsiamosoli groups around the world, so that after 10 years of journeys, bleedings and messages, everyone who did spadework could begin to reap the benefits and could take full responsibility for their individual choices and for their real effort.

During the summer, Giorgio invited Maria Falcone, sister of the judge murdered by the mafia 7 years before, to the usual summer meeting aiming at collecting funds for the African children aid, where researchers and friends from all over the world took part. It was a great honour and strong emotion for Giorgio, his family and his collaborators hosting and hearing about a life spent besides a martyr of Justice. This event marked a further turn in the life of Giorgio Bongiovanni. It was time to attend that deferred appointment. On the 11th of August, a great sun eclipse overshadowed the sunny summer afternoon, and carried a very important spiritual significance. The Beings of light informed Giorgio that from that date onwards an acceleration of the vibrational frequencies of the planet would have started. This change would have caused a sequence of climatic events ? for instance the frequent inundations and unexplainable atmospheric mutations ? and apocalyptic events; the reference was clearly to be identified in the increase of terrorism.