September the 2nd, 1999. Ten years of stigmata. For the fourth time the blood oozed forth from the crown of thorns and from the eyes of Giorgio Bongiovanni.
The third part of his mission began. Besides the continuous travelling and appointments, Giorgio dedicated himself eagerly to the study of court cases and to the hearing of hundreds of audio tapes where the magistrates, lead by Giovanni Falcone e Paolo Borsellino, and the justice collaborators explained what ?Cosa Nostra? is, what its real power is and above all, why it is hard to defeat. Whose interests coincide with the interest of the mafia?
He tried to answer these questions with the new periodic magazine ANTIMAFIADuemila, published to substitute temporarily TERZOMILLENNIO, as their contents started to merge towards the same direction.
On the 25th of March 2000, thanks to the indispensable help of the managing director Andreina De Tomassi, the magazine was introduced in Palermo where it received the praises of several magistrates and legality operators that from the very beginning offered Giorgio Bongiovanni and his group of young trainee journalists their collaboration regarding the official material, magazines and articles. Giorgio?s decision to dedicate himself also to fight the mafia was understood by a small majority of his supporters. Many abandoned him in the middle of fears and polemics.
Nevertheless, from the beginning of his mystic experience, the Virgin gave Giorgio the job to disclose the face of the Antichrist, not to be understood as a character incarnating the true evil, but the combination of all the negative forces that rule in the world.

And the Mafia as Giorgio said, is one of them and represents the fastest way to accomplish the goal of his mission.
Those were very difficult years for him, for his family and the few friends that decided to join the same battle of his.
The study of criminality was not only seen from a journalist?s technical point of view, but also through a spiritual key, representing for everyone a further realisation of the battle taking place on this planet. The words of the bible echoed in his ears: Armageddon, the final battle between good and evil.
The price for one?s contribution within this evolutionary project is high and risky. As always, Giorgio was the first to pay this price, not only offering his blood as contribution, but also giving his whole life for this duty.
The magazine ANTIMAFIA gained a high popularity among the people working in this sector, but the topic was not very widespread after all. In order to subsidise it, Nonsiamosoli Video was transformed into STUDIO 3, which is still supervised by Giorgio Bongiovanni, and became a proper video and multimedia company, whose return was completely employed to support the mission that fortunately can count on spontaneous donations of kind hearted people and the self-support of the closer collaborators.
September the 2nd of the year 2000 arrived soon, which meant for Giorgio an agony even stronger than before. Besides the tearing, and the bleeding from the crown of thorns, on his body there were more wounds around the kneecaps and on the arms, around the wrists and elbows. Just as if he had been hit on the knees, Giorgio laid in his bed without even managing to move the legs and the rest of the body. Around him, the family and some friends witnessed astonished this new prodigy of pain.
The messages received in that period contained a powerful prophetic content and foresaw, within a short time, very serious facts to take place, this time in the richer countries. Giorgio Bongiovanni explained then to his collaborators that as the days went by he became more and more conscious that he was guided by a Being of light named Nibiru-Arat-Ra. The symbiosis with this superior Brother was such that often he felt that he could not split his own personality with the one that interpenetrated him. For this reason, many messages, even if written by him personally, were signed by Nibiru.
Meanwhile, the Antimafia activity became busier and busier, with conferences, books presentations and interviews. The magazine, also supported by a growing internet website, became a point of reference and Giorgio started to be invited as a journalist expert on the issue. The stigmata, even if rather noticeable, in particular the one on the forehead, did not represent an obstacle for his work. Magistrates and journalist were interested to the professionalism with which the news were pursued and published, notwithstanding his personal mystic experience.
In September 2001, Giorgio was in the United States. For the first time he spent the date of the 2nd completely alone, in a foreign country. Family and friends gathered up, waiting to hear from him. Giorgio bled, like every day, from all the 6 stigmata and recommended to stay united. He just managed to return to Italy, where he arrived on his birthday, the 5th of September.
September the 11th 2001 struck with the fury of the Islamic terrorism. Four airline planes with hundreds of people onboard got hijacked by a fundamentalist group of kamikaze. Two of them hit the Twin Towers of New York, causing a macabre and astonishing foolish deed, one broke into a side of the Pentagon and the last one crushed in the state of Pennsylvania.
From that day, the world that this generation knew changed.
Fear and terror landed even in the well-off and tranquil Western world, ?in the richer countries?.
Giorgio decided to follow up the events connected to the new war even on Antimafia, where he inserted twelve pages of TERZOMILLENNIO. The scope was still the same: analysing and pointing the finger at the causes that lead to the condition of preventive war that we have been experiencing since then.
Clearly, Giorgio divulged, through the supplement Armageddon, also a spiritual reading of the event, linking it immediately to the content of the Secret of Fatima. He received also messages from the Beings of Light and re-published some writings of Eugenio Siragusa.
The tone of the events is grave. Without euphemisms, these Beings reiterated once more that our civilisation is on the edge of a precipice, for instance a possible nuclear holocaust, and warned that in the case of atomic conflict they would intervene to protect the planet.
Concerning his undertaking with Antimafia, Giorgio Bongiovanni managed to obtain an exclusive interview with Salvatore Cancemi, one of the most important justice collaborators, former member of the Provincial board of Cosa Nostra, known as ?Cupola?. The result of the numerous encounters which took place in high secrecy given the particular condition of protection in which the repentant lived, consisted in publishing the book "Riina mi fece i nomi di" ? ?(Riina told me the names of?)? ? (ed. Massari), published in 2002.
The daily bleedings and the mystic experiences of those years were lived by Giorgio Bongiovanni in a more intimate way compared to the past, in fact the spiritual gatherings became less frequent and among few friends.
On February the 11th, 2002, Giorgio felt the need to go to Medjugorje, where after a long time he experienced again the apparition of Mary. To the Virgin, that has never abandoned him and that has always embraced him with protection and consolation, Giorgio asked to make invisible the stigmata on his forehead, even keeping the pain, because the mission he was carrying out required some discretion. The Madonna fulfilled his request, making clear though that the cross would have become visible in connection with certain events, while the other stigmata would remain permanent until the conclusion of his duty.
Thus, after 9 years Giorgio?s forehead went back free of signs, at least for the naked eye, just as if there has never been any sign. The researchers were astounded by this miracle too; in particular, Michael Hesemann was stunned by this when he visited Italy.
During May, on the 10th anniversary of the carnage of Capaci, Giorgio Bongiovanni presented in Palermo a video called ?Il potere e la mafia? ? (?The power and the mafia?). In this video the original voices of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino explain in the numerous conferences in which they took part, the birth and the criminal development of mafia and the methods to hinder it.
During the same year, Giorgio met Manfredi Borsellino, the son of the judge assassinated on the 19th of July 1992, who gave him the permission to publish the undisclosed scripts of his father, still kept in the magistrate?s office.
In July 2003 then, the book "Giustizia e Verit?" ? (?Justice and Truth?) ? was published, containing the full collection of the manuscripts of the judge, introduced by a foreword of Manfredi himself.
During that year, persuaded by his will and by the Superior Will, Giorgio started to accept invitations to spiritual conferences and gatherings. As Giorgio followed this interior call, he met Gabriella Magnani and her family: the husband Nando and the son Marcello. The lady had been following a spiritual path for more than 40 years and lived a very intense personal experience during which she received some signs that brought her to cross more and more Giorgio?s path.
Infact Ms Gabriella was president of a charitable organisation ?l?arca della nuova alleanza? which took care of children in need in Africa and children abbandoned in the remote areas of the Argentinean Andes and that acted together with ?Fundaci?n Los Ni?os del Ma?ana? also directed by a dear friend, Raul Bagatello. Giorgio became a founding member of it and took personally charge to collect clothes and funds to send to these areas.
Christmas 2003 arrived. Giorgio bled profusely and on his forehead, the cross appeared again. The messages that he received contained a high esoteric content and regarded mainly the return of the Christ and the accomplishment of the mission of this faithful servant.
After a few days, the stigmata on his forehead disappeared again.
In January 2004 Giorgio started again an intense spiritual activity and decided to publish again part of his messages in the book ?De Rerum Divinarum Scientia Nova? (La nuova teologia) ? (the New Theology).
On the 11th of March 2004, terror struck once more the world. Ten bombs exploded on 3 trains intersecting railway stations near Madrid, causing hundreds of deaths and the fall of the Government. The prophecies happened.
When Easter drew near, the Madonna announced Giorgio Bongiovanni a period of great physical, psychic and spiritual pain, so that Giorgio prepared himself once more with great devotion.
To his family and closest friends he kept on repeating that there was not much time left to accomplish his duty.
His anxiety for Justice is strong, so strong to cause him pain very often. For every child who dies, Giorgio demands Justice, for every human being stepped upon, sexually assaulted, forgotten, Giorgio calls for Justice asking the Father to fulfil his thirst for love.
The year quickly passed by between many committments, and in autumn Giorgio, accompanied by a few friends from Pordenone, made a journey to Latin America: Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. On his way back, the Heavens asked him a new committment: to move temporarily, for 1260 days, about three years and a half, to South America, in particular in Montevideo, Uruguay?s capital.
The job assigned to him consists in reawakening the souls of people living in those lands which are poor on the material level, but rich of spiritual emotions.
On the 8th of December 2004, Giorgio left for this new and very important step of his mission.
He travelled completely alone, for a long time he got used to move completely on his own, just as if he was getting used to this further test.
Uruguay is a special land for Giorgio, one of the very first that he visited at the beginning of his experience, and a sacred place to him because there he received both the stigmata on the chest (28 May 1992) and the one on the forehead (26 July 1993). Notwithstanding time and distance, a group of friends and collaborators welcomed the news of his transfer with enthusiasm and preparedness. Among the others, the old friend Jean Georges Almendras and his spouse Erika Pais were waiting for him; shortly after they founded with Giorgio the cultural association ?un punto en el infinito? ? (a point in the infinite) and created his new operational headquarter. Very soon old and new friends got close to give life to a group that started working immediately.
Giorgio in fact started his activity on the territory with great flair and planned with his collaborators the fullfilment of the task that is entrusted to him according to the main directives already outlined in the last years in Italy: helping the suffering ones, in particular the children that are in a severe state of distress, uncover the face of the Antichrist and spread the spiritual message he is a witness and messenger of, whose fundamental element in this phase of his mission is to announce the imminent return of Jesus Christ.
Giorgio?s presence in Uruguay attracts the attention of the media that have always looked at his story with respectful interest. The national TV channels ?Canal 4? and ?Canal 5?, various radio stations like ?Radio Oriental? and several editorial groups have dedicated him a lot of time. People welcome him warmly, remember him, approach him in the streets, look out for him. Giorgio does not disappoint them. He met for the first time the citizens of Montevideo in January 2005 at the ATENEO theatre. More than 500 people participated and from that moment onwards they followed him faithfully so much that this became a regular event. Giorgio in fact held a series of seminars.
In order to keep successfully going the contact with the increasing audience, the association started to edit an extensive bulletin called ?Del Cielo a la Tierra? ? from the heavens to the Earth ? that collects the accounts of initiatives and messages coming from the Superior Dimension. For the same scope the internet website was founded, reaching hundreds of thousands of visitors in a short time.
A precious window on the world, together with the Italian version, especially recommended by the Superior Brothers.
Montevideo is nothing but the starting point. All of the Latin countries, according to the Heavens? directive, must be wetted by the bleeding that Giorgio had been living for the last 15 years. The Argentinean turn arrived. Buenos Aires was a second house for Giorgio. There, waiting for him with open arms, there were his dear friend Juan Alberto Rambaldo, with his wife Liliana and their family with a large group of friends, ready to supply him all of the support and assistance he needed, also to compensate with all their love for the homesickness that Giorgio felt rather strongly.
The operational needs required the official creation of two new associations ?Del Cielo a la Tierra?, one based in the Capital City Buenos Aires and the other one in Las Parejas. All those that go along with the message understand the need of putting into practice their spiritual creed and gather up to coordinate the initiatives in the various centres dislocated on the vast Argentinean territory: in Rosario, La Pampa, Paran?, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Las Parejas, Gualeguaych?, Cordoba, Salta, Catamarca, Tucuman and others.
As time went by, this land represented for Giorgio an even more intense meaning, as here his mission crossed the one of Raul Bagatello. The latter, known as the ?missionary of the Andes?, in May 2005 came to Italy to found the charity ?Funima International onlus?, together with Giorgio and other collaborators.
A new coordination was set up to support the ?comedores?, the canteens dislocated on the Andes, which make use of the voluntary support of individuals, skilled operational groups and associations like ?Il Sicomoro? from Pordenone (Italy), and ?Il Punto Infinito? from Bari (Italy) and others.
Together with Raul, Giorgio visited all the canteens looked after by the janitors of the ?Fundacion los Ni?os del Ma?ana?, so the stigmatist realised by first hand experience the situation of hardship in which hundreds of children survive and what difference can a small donation make. Actually, on a spiritual point of view, these young children are the ones who represent a way of salvation for the ones that are willing to help them. Giorgio explains that assisting the suffering ones is like getting close to the crucifix on the Golgotha, alleviating their affliction is like taking off a thorn off the crown of the Master, it is an occasion of redemption and privilege to be able to get close to Christ?s torn body. These children, like all the poor people in the world, offer their sacrifice to redeem souls and encourage solidarity and selflessness, just like stigmata are a call for Love for the neighbour, imitating Jesus Christ?s teachings. A precise message to the hearts of men made hard like stones and indifferent by selfishness and materialism.
A fruitful synergy was born in collaboration with Raul. The entry to all of the conferences that Giorgio gave during those years was free, but the participants were asked to give an offer for the Children of Funima. ?The poor people that help other poor ones!? Giorgio commented in a few occasions, with the profound gratification to be able to contribute in this way to important food collections.
In less than two years of work, both in the Latin land and in Italy, the children assisted passed from few hundreds to about 1700 in the 8 canteens in the Andes in the North East of Argentina, where also those children and family groups located in the most impervious areas of the Cordillera find help. Solidarity reaches up to the canteen of Villetta in Paraguay and last but just in chronological order, to the centre of assistance ?Rayo de luz? ? Ray of light ? in Montevideo, Uruguay. Moreover different projects have been carried out: a home for relief in Las Cuevas in collaboration with the roman charity association A.G.A.P.E., 3 wells to withdraw water from the deep aquifers, electric power brought to the town of Santa Lucia ? Chancan? and the work continues to bring aid where it is most needed.
The following destination for Giorgio was Paraguay, a land afflicted by poverty and decay caused by the deep corruption that affects the institutions from their roots.
With the economist Omar Cristaldo, his wife Hilda and many more, humble people, but also professionals like the magistrate Jorge Figuereido, the association ?Del Cielo a la Tierra? was established there too, to bring together all those souls searching for spiritual knowledge and to spread out the message with the just respect and the indispensable correctness.
Here, together with the physician Chantal Hulin Jirasek and her collaborators, professionals of the medical sector, with the doctress Carmen Recale, Giorgio founded the Association ?Justicia y Verdad? ? Justice and truth ? that takes care in particular of those children completely abandoned on the violent streets of Asuncion, the Capital City. They are children of all the ages forced to sleep on the sidewalk, and to beg in order to survive, sniffing glue to stop feeling hungry; many of them are ?hired? for paedophile feasts or introduced to prostitution. To try and face this situation of complete devastation, doctress Chantal opened up a medical dispensary that gives first aid, hygienic support, bathing and disinfecting from parasites and lice from which children are infested, blood tests to check that they have not been transmitted venereal diseases, AIDS or infections of any other kind. A snack or a warm meal then helps them to face the night and to offer the hope to be not completely alone anymore.
To achieve this objective, it is very important the constant support supplied by Funima International based in Italy and directed by Giorgio?s son, Giovanni Bongiovanni and by the collaborator Mara Testasecca, as well as the support supplied by a Spanish charity association ?Manoj pro la Mondo? ? Hands for the world ? strongly desired by a few of Giorgio?s friends, among which one of his dearest childhood friends, Emanuel Mouri?o Caglioni, in Vigo ? Spain, near the border with Portugal.
Thanks to the constant, even if modest, monthly support, Chantal, together with her husband Osmar and the other volunteers, opened up also a shelter home for some children that have started the difficult path of leaving their past behind.
Unfortunately life on the streets, drugs and prostitution are the only things they have known and that they can identify themselves with, acting over their young violated psychology like a dramatic magnet.
Justicia y Verdad does not operate only with the practical aid, but also by denouncing what caused such fiasco. They publish for this purpose an informative bulletin with the meaningful title ?Punto Rojo? ? Red point ? a red alert for the poor ones of the world. The articles written by the collaborators of doctress Hulin are published also on ANTIMAFIADuemila that in order to follow the activities of its director abroad, includes a dedicated insert on news coming from South America.
In Italy the associations funded by Giorgio keep carrying out their work. Modern technologies allow coordination from far away of every sector of the mission, each assigned to young people grown up by Giorgio and that have become real professionals, taking up the responsibility to carry on all the activities in constant growth.
The collaboration among the different groups located in different areas of the world allowed international initiatives highly meaningful, both for what concerns the aid to the children and organized crime fighting.
In fact in Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina Giorgio carried on his Antimafia activity, interviewed different personalities like Jos? Diaz, the Uruguayan Ministry of interior, to whom he proposed a few legislative modifications inspired to the Italian judicial system, and other functionaries mainly fighting arms and drugs trafficking which are strongly facilitated by the triple frontier that joins three countries (Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay).
In June 2006, at the University of Rosario, where judge Juan Alberto Rambaldo had been working for many years, it was organised an important International Congress where they took part the Italian magistrates Antonio Ingroia, Deputy Prosecutor of Palermo?s DDA and judge Leonardo Guarnotta, president of the Termini Imerese (PA) Tribunal who used to be a member of the Antimafia pool with Falcone and Borsellino. The event, that had had a high success of audience and press, was followed by the conference that every year ANTIMAFIADuemila organizes in Palermo in memory of Judge Paolo Borsellino and his escort agents; in 2006 judge Rambaldo and the Uruguayan judge Pablo Eguren took part in it, the latter being busy for years in delicate enquiries in his Country, as well as the journalist Jean Georges Almendras.
The effort that the stigmatist maintains in the social dimension comes out of the constant spiritual experience he is a protagonist of. In this particular phase of his mission he is accompanied by a Being coming from the fourth dimension called Setun Shenar.
The latter announced him the forthcoming manifestation of signs in Heavens and on Earth, among which many sightings of extraterrestrial crafts and vessels of light.
In fact the Latin land during those years became again the scene of many exceptional videos and testimonies coming from the whole continent. Once Again Jaime Maussan, always in close contact with Giorgio, keeps collecting them and making documents of inestimable value out of them.
The journalist has never ceased to investigate the extraterrestrial reality putting it in constant connection with the events, mostly catastrophic, that occur on our planet with a frequency that keeps on becoming more and more worrying.
The foremost example took place with the tremendous hurricane Katrina on 29 August 2005 that devastated New Orleans. Only 15 days before (14 August), in San Petersburg, in Florida?s sky, an impressive formation of seven luminous globes arranged with the shape of a Christian Cross was filmed, photographed and then analysed. It was one of the most extraordinary UFO documents ever for the impact it generated. A sign, according to Maussan, that calls the man to realise the existence of extraterrestrial life in the Cosmos, but also a warning, a counsel, a call to look for a more balanced life structure regarding sustainability and social justice.
The notorious Mexican researcher, strongly worried by the non return path chosen by our planet, deems Giorgio as a living sign that with the gift of the word makes other signs clear and understandable.
Thus Maussan organized with him a twenty days long tour around all of Mexico, in order to introduce together ?The Prophecy?: a spiritual path in which through photos and films it was explained the meaning of signs, of natural and supernatural events that are taking place in this time, the spiritual-esoteric link between the contents of the Holy Scriptures and current times, the Hope for a better world expressed by the testimony and the Life sacrifice of many just men and the Faith in the Return of Master Jesus Christ, announced by him too (Luke 21:27, Matthew 24:30). For the whole of February 2006, the theatres of the whole Mexico filled up overcoming any expectation. People?s reaction was surprising. They participated greatly and followed very attentively what was documented with extreme care by both speakers. Afterwards, Jaime transformed these appointments in TV shows during his highly watched programme ?Los grandes misterios del tercer milenio? ? the great mysteries of the Third Millennium.
The Audience reached levels and shares in the order of millions of people, while it was estimated that about 15000 people as a whole attended the conferences.
During his returns to Italy, more or less every three months, besides getting together with his family, Giorgio participated to spiritual gatherings proposing the same format used with Maussan. In place of Maussan, there was the researcher Pier Giorgio Caria, one of Giorgio?s personal friends since many years.
Pordenone, Milan, Varese, Bari, Catania and other Italian cities welcomed him with a great enthusiasm, focussing once more on a topic only momentarily put aside.
It was in fact during one of these seminars that Giorgio met Antonio Urzi, with his spouse Simona Sibilla, two young people who live an extraordinary experience. From the small top floor flat where they live in Cinisello Balsamo, in the periphery of Milan, Antonio produces footages of impressive flying saucers, of great dimensions and very neat so much that experts like Jim Dilettoso, notorious analyst of Phoenix - Arizona, defined them among the very best in the world. Jaime Maussan, in collaboration with Pier Giorio Caria in Italy, followed very attentively the case of the two young people undoubtedly destined to leave more than a mark in the history of Ufology.
His films were shown in all the presentations held by Giorgio both at home and abroad.
The mission in South America granted Giorgio much satisfaction.
In fact, operational centres were created also in Chile, in the Capital City Santiago and in Las Ventanas, but also in Uruguay, in Fray Bentos and in Maldonado. In Montevideo itself it was opened up a new centre able to host many people. Besides that, other groups more or less numerous must be mentioned, coming from cities like Colonia Valdense, Artigas, Treinta y Tres, etc, that carried on activities too.
This allowed him to spend a bit more time in Italy where people got back in touch with him, look for him and get informed through his Italian website and his national secretariat. However, following a renowned TV program, a boom of emails and phone calls took place, drawing the attention of other national media of the ?Bella Italia?, actually named ?the new Jerusalem? by Giorgio on several occasions.
Invited by the show-man and singer Enrico Ruggeri, Giorgio participated to ?Il Bivio? ? the crossroad - a programme that proposed to the guest the question of a possible alternative life following one choice or many choices, different to the ones actually made.
In the studio Giorgio had to face the attacks of a priest and an alleged psychologist, evidently unprepared, that tried to unsuccessfully drive him in a tight spot. The event came to an end with the host?s invitation to Giorgio to submit himself to a series of analyses to ascertain the stigmata authenticity. Giorgio declined this offer because, as he had explained many times, the analysis on his signs have already been carried out in the Nineties by different physicians, some of which were forensic, that agreed in not being able to submit a proper scientific explanation of stigmata. That was a painful practice that Giorgio did not intend to undergo anymore. His choice split the audience in two halves. Many remained perplex, some thought that this was the proof that these signs were fake, but many, many more congested his secretariat with grateful and encouraging wishes.
The year 2007 started in this way, with this event that symbolised in a certain sense a preliminary test of his final return home.
On the 6th of Januay 2007, Giorgio lived a very painful bleeding. Making an exception to his usual reserved behaviour, he called up his closest collaborators to witness this atrocious scene with their eyes. Giorgio, forced on the couch of his house, surrounded by his family, howled living the Passion and the crucifixion of the Master Jesus on the Golgotha. On the bed-sheets where he lay down there were abundant blood spots, of which one in particular had drawn a cross that upside down clearly looked like a sword. Notwithstanding the fact that many people present had already been witnesses of this miracle that appears on his body almost daily, the commotion was intense together with the deep concentration in praying. The filmed images of that day have been granted, also exceptionally, to Jaime Maussan that deemed important to transmit them in Mexico, to his vast audience.
Giorgio got well soon also from this further umpteenth sacrifice and carried on with his peregrinating around the world.
More people, more faces, new and old friends.
In September, to commemorate his spiritual father Eugenio Siragusa, disappeared on the 27th of August 2006, Giorgio organized an international congress inviting everyone to participate, comprising the representatives of the groups that formed during these years in Latin America and friends from all over the world.
Fifty South Americans plus about another fifty people gathered up at the Hotel Gemmellaro in Nicolosi, Sicily, to give homage to the historical figure and notorious contactee that gave birth to Giorgio?s experience and to bring to a fruitful confrontation the experiences of all the operators that accepted to take a responsibility in one or more sectors of activities founded by Giorgio Bongiovanni. This exceptional gathering was followed by a public conference and a charity concert for the children of the Andes organized at the Theatre in the city of Nicolosi.
A very important event also because it took place in Sicily where Giorgio had often announced that the third and last part of his mission would have taken place: unveiling the face of the Antichrist that for him it means fighting the mafia.
Besides his family, Lorella and Giovanni, and a few old and fraternal friends that he deems nowadays as part of his own family, people particularly close to him like Mara, Aaron and Elisabetta and others that belonged to the same editorial staff, a woman chosen by the Heavens will accompany him in this final part, to share his destiny: Sonia Cordella whose spiritual name is Alea.
Notwithstanding the great physical exhaustion, resulting from years and years of bleeding and work to reach people?s conscience, Giorgio?s body starts to be more and more worn out, but his spirit is impeccable and peaceful towards his choices, persevering in retracing the path that the Heavens has tracked for him. Difficulties, pain, accusations, betrayals have not knocked down his confidence. At the centre of every decision of his, he repeats constantly, there is a great certainty: Jesus Christ the Messiah and his promised return. Announcing this prophecy, the most important for the Christians all over the world, is the foundation and the conclusion of his mission. Whoever knows him, knows with certainty that until he will have some strength in his body and breath in his throat, Giorgio Bongiovanni will never stop to remind men and women that he meets on his way that the path for real life goes through Love for the neighbour, Justice among men and Faith in the teaching of the Master of all the Masters: Jesus Christ.

Anna Alessia Petrozzi

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