A new extraordinary crop circle in the English fields


Etchilhampton Hill, near Devizes, Wiltshire, England. 15 August 2008.

?The August messages?: this is the definition that the notorious Mexican investigator and journalist Jaime Maussan likes to use to define the crop circles that appear in mid August in England. In fact, every year in this period in the English fields the images of greater impact and with the most transcendent symbolism appear. This year the intelligence creator of such marvellous phenomenon has not disappointed at all, rather it has really overcome expectations. Last 15th of August, in the Wiltshire zone, it has appeared what I deem the most astonishing formation ever, since the beginning of this phenomenon: a Christian Cross. A symbol so full of universal meanings that it speaks by itself, it does not need a particular knowledge. It speaks for itself and goes straight to the heart. Anyone who sees for the first time photos of this amazing crop circle fails to retain an exclamation of surprise. The emotion rises spontaneously and the gaze shines with an astonishing feeling. A symbol that speaks to all. To the poor and to the rich ones. To the powerful and to the servant. To the atheist and to the believer. A sign that sets foot among many signs of this time, that wants to draw the man?s attention towards spirituality and away from materialism. A call that if not acknowledged, will lead the man to a fatal self-destruction. A call that is repeatedly, almost obsessively, reiterated within the messages received by the stigmatist Giorgio Bongiovanni. Messages that come from superior intelligences, the beings of light, astral beings interpreters and executors of the divine will. In this messages it has often been announced that the divine signs would have been more and more numerous and explicit all over the world. And so it has been. Over the last months, an incredible number of transcendent and divine manifestations have occurred in several places of the world. Together with the ever explicit manifestation of civilisations coming from the Cosmos. After all, their presence, just like Eugenio Siragusa used to announce and Giorgio Bongiovanni is currently proclaiming today, is essentially Messianic. That is, it is part of the signs that anticipate and announce Jesus-Christ second come on Earth.
But let?s analyse more in detail the meanings of the fascinating cross appeared in the English crop. The figure is formed by 11 small circles plus a bigger central circle which is behind the cross, in the middle of the intersection of the two horizontal and vertical bars. But if we consider the number of circles that compose the bars on its own, we reach the figure of 12, beyond the great circle. In fact, we need to count twice the small central circle because it belongs both to the horizontal and to the vertical bars. According to the interpretation of the scholar Flavio Ciucani, these 12 circles symbolize the 12 Apostles of Christ, thus the 12 tribes of Israel.
While the great circle behind the cross represents the wafer, the Christic Communion.




The 12 tribes of Israel symbolize the whole humanity, so the meaning of this pictogram is ?humanity gathered in the Christic Communion?. That is, all those who have followed and put into practice the evangelical teachings and that represent the ?Elect ones? mentioned in the John?s Book of Revelation. Like all crop circles, also for this one we have different levels of interpretations.
The 12 small circles  plus the larger one gives the number 13. According to the Mayan prophecy, the last 13 years up to 2012 were a particular time that they use to call ?the hall of mirrors?. A time that started with the Eclipse during August 1999 and that would have ended in December 2012. In this particular period the man would have seen his real positive or negative spiritual nature reflected in his actions. This would have happened through an acceleration of the ?cause-and-effect-law?, for which everyone would have immediately collected the fruit of his actions, the suffering or the joy that derives from the individual life choices. The final deadline for choosing between good and evil, between salvation and self-destruction. The number 13 is also found in another Mayan prophecy, the one of the 9 hells and 13 heavens. The 9 hells indicated the time between the landing of the Spaniards in 1519 AD and the beginning of the last Katun (20 years) in 1992, before 2012, year in which the 13 heavens would have started, that is the New Era.
Another similarity with the prophecy of the Gospel, which promised a new Kingdom of peace after a great tribulation. From the above there could be generated further considerations and meanings, but I reckon that the symbol of the Cross, as I said already, contains in itself all that is related to the figure, teaching and prophecies of Jesus Christ. Moreover, how can one not notice the similarity of this crop circle with the cross formed by seven spheres of light appeared in Florida in 2005? Finally, to come to an end, we cannot but recall that the same sign appeared on the body of Giorgio Bongiovanni, who, as it is known, bears permanently the Stigmata of Christ. The cross has manifested on his hands and feet and has been permanently visible for many years, on his forehead. Currently, the cross on the forehead may suddenly periodically reappear, in particular moments related to his mission and to events taking place around the world, as you can see in the picture below taken on January 27 2007. A clear evidence that these phenomena come from a single source that is the way, the truth and the life. That is beings of light very close to the Christ, or the Christ himself.

Pier Giorgio Caria - 16 August 2008.




16TH AUGUST 2008