Montevideo (Uruguay)
15th August 2011. 11:04 a.m.




Heavenly Mother, Divine Mother, we are in your Immaculate Heart, each of us in his own uniqueness and beauty. We come from you and we will return to you. Oh Mother Earth, Pacha Mama, Grand M?re.
To us the choice to return to you in body and conscience, after conquering death, the biggest obstacle to overcome for the children of this land.
We were blind and deaf to the call of the divine love, we are children who do not follow the path all the way, the truth and the life drawn by the Master Jesus Christ and the prophets; ...we rather accept the deception of the fallen angel and of that Apostolic Roman Church that in its homily, celebrates
His Resurrection and asks us to pray for His Return ...but how come? And yet, it denies the Return of Christ.

It is clear. All this to justify once more its crimes, to dominate by instilling a sense of guilt and sin, in order to impose psychological and physical castrations and continue to be accomplice in the loggias of power... a bunch of cynical and bloodthirsty beasts who decide who should live and who must die.

No Mother, our Mother, they will not win over the children of Light, they will not get Your souls that are really thirsty for love, justice and peace.
You, Heavenly Mother, you, the first one ever, you, very pure dove of divine love with your earthly and holy humility, have attracted on you the LIGHT of the SUN - CHRIST.
On 15th August, the people of God celebrate Your Assumption in Heaven with spirit and body. You have shown us the leap we have to take, you are the example to follow in order to become instantly truly citizens of the infinite cosmos.
You've accepted the pain of Your son Christ on the cross and in spite of this, you dispense every day, every moment, life, shelter and comfort to each of Your creatures.
Never a mystery was simpler - mystery revealed through the example of your life and thanks to the messages received from Heaven to Earth by those who love and adore you in the depths of their spirit.
Thank you forever Giorgio Bongiovanni! The emotion was overwhelming few minutes ago at the rising of the solar star, in memory of the ancient beat of a great Spirit which is well known to you... the spirit of a man who has been great on this Earth but is the smallest one in the Kingdom of Heaven: John the Baptist.
"In those days Mary set out and travelled to the hill, quickly, and headed for a city of Judea. Entered the house of Zechariah, she greeted Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting, the baby leaped in her womb. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and exclaimed: "Blessed be you among women and blessed be the fruit of your womb. How is it that the mother of my Lord come to me? As your greeting reached my ears, the baby leaped in my womb for joy. And blessed be her who believed in the realization of what Lord said.''

You have given us also this opportunity, Mother of all mothers: expand the consciousness and feeling every creature of the Earth as an own child ... but this is impossible, and it remains philosophical subject if we do not win the fear of death. We are not going anywhere, we can not glorify the promised return of Your Son the Christ.
He, our great Master, a few hours before the Golgotha, told us: "...drink my blood, eat my flesh... do this in memory of me."
The deepest meaning of these words ? that were not just words ? is shown by the righteous, the stigmatists, the martyrs of every age, Giorgio Bongiovanni, the one who has been called the living Chalice of the Christic communion, a being who came among us and is wounded in the body for Love, only for love ...
It is very hard for Giorgio and beings like him living in the hell of this world, it is impossible for them to get adapted. They call us by their side to love and love each other as He loved us, to know the truth and give our lives for the truth.
From a race of this world to whom I feel stongly bound, I know that "it is not as you are born, but as you die, that you reveal the kind of people you belong to".
If we are children of Christ, the sign is clear and unambiguous.
The Transfiguration: a bath in the light of SUN - CHRIST.
I talk to myself and I urge upon myself: "Dear Mara, stop crying out, stop asking for help... you know many things and you love Christ, you live the breath and the example of a real man as Giorgio Bongiovanni whose greatest desire is that we love and serve Him, the Master Jesus, Christ, with all our heart and soul, above everything... you know that we are not alone either in Heaven or on Earth".
Indeed, friends and brothers of the people of Christ, that is it! Let us call us in the spirit, let us feel more united every moment, distance does not count at all!
Giorgio Bongiovanni today as Giordano Bruno 400 years ago, is not afraid to tell the truth, never ever... because he knows that those who hear him are afraid of dying in the darkness and in the cold feeling of loneliness and damnation of disaffection.

Mother, Mother of all of us, I love you immensely, Your mantle perfumes the babies of life, I always pray you because I miss Your immense service and devotion... on your bent arms, towards your sacred breast, I see all those innocent souls whose physical bodies groan in pain from hunger, thirst, nuclear radiations and diseases caused by man himself.

The Great Chief Sioux Red Cloud, taught:
"We are not interested in wealth, it is not helpful and you can not bring it with you when you die... We want to raise our children. We do not know what to do with the wealth you chase; we only want love and peace "

Mother, now more than ever I ask Justice and Giorgio Bongiovanni, the stigmatist, the Baptist of this time, teaches us not to ask for ourselves, but for all the children of Light... Amen.

With love, Mara

S. Elpidio a Mare (Italy)
August 15th, 2011