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by P.G. Caria ? 2nd February, 2012

 Since a long time ago, mystics and seers have made predictions about the future of the world, anticipating events that will mark indelibly the history of mankind. During this tragic moment in history, this theme is even more important, because of the serious self-destructive risks that we are going through on environmental as well as human level, caused by the terrible financial crisis and by the wars already in action, that could even lead to a world war fought with nuclear weapons.

There are countless people who have talked about the seriousness of our era and, among many others, I begin by examining some prophecies made by the stigmatist Therese Neumann, that I have chosen for the clarity and symbolic precision with which she has described, anticipating them, the times we are experiencing now. The election of Pope John XXIII, the man landing on the moon in 1969, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, are some of the seer?s prophecies that came true.

In her prophetic dreams and visions, Therese indicated the maximum power and dominion of the satanic incarnations over a period she calls "the age of Cain", which covers the years between 1999 and 2017. She said exactly that: "...The great wound will open in 1999 and it will bleed for eighteen years: this will be the time of Cain".

Eighteen years is the sum of the beast?s number i.e. 6 + 6 + 6 = 18, revealed by the Apostle John in the Revelation?s Book. For other prophets such as Nostradamus, the Black Spider and the Abbot Ladino, this time " a time of great changes, great tensions, but above all, it is the time of the ?Old Serpent?.

Similarly, according to Mayan prophecies, the period that began in 1999, along with the great eclipse of that year, which was well seen in Italy, was a time of great changes that have been called "The Hall of Mirrors". In this period, the Maya said, the world events would be more accelerated and extraordinary, they will let the man face the terrible effects of his foolish choices, nuclear power on top.

Therese said about this historic period "...I see overthrow a basket full of snakes on Earth, crawling over the cities and countryside, destroying everything." It will be in this age of Cain that "ignorance, the contempt for culture, arrogance, pride, violence, materialism" will triumph.

And she said again "On the highest throne I have seen the snake of snakes. And I saw the donkey giving orders to the lion... In that time, too many lions will have the heart of the donkey and they will let themselves be deceived." And she added: "I have seen horrible beasts leading the world, with donkey's heads and the body of a serpent."

The sentence in which Neumann says: "On the highest throne I have seen the snake of the snakes." is very interesting, a concept that we will treat again later, trying to give a clearer connotation about who Therese Neumann may have indicated with this term.

The prophecy of the Neumann ends in this way: "there will come a time when the man and the Earth will be dirty and corrupt to the point that there will be no solution other than a general cleaning, of a flood. But this time it will be a deluge of fire.".

This latter concept is a clear reference to many prophecies and also to the content of the so-called "Diplomatic Version" of the Third Secret of Fatima, where it is mentioned a great war in which fire and smoke will fall from the sky and the ocean will become vapour.


If it is true that in the official version released on 26th June 2000, this speech was removed, the countless criticisms arisen also by important Vaticanists like the journalist Antonio Socci, author of the book "The Fourth Secret of Fatima", indicates that the revelation was partial and that not everything was published. On the contrary, according to the testimony of Archbishop Loris Capovilla, who read the text of the message along with Pope John XXIII, of whom he was his personal secretary, there would be even two texts of the Third Secret of Fatima.

( Furthermore, these words reflect not only what was told in the diplomatic version of the Third Secret of Fatima and by Therese Neumann, but they are also present in many other prophecies.

Besides, it should be said, and this is very important, that the same Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Fatima in May 2010, had released important statements, quite contradictory to what he himself said in 2000, when he was still Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. At that time, he gave the message that Fatima's prophecy had ended with the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, while during the Mass celebrated on 13th May in a Marian Shrine in Portugal, before 500,000 pilgrims, the same Pope Ratzinger stated "whoever thinks that the prophetic mission of Fatima is over, is deceiving himself" and he also said that it was a message against "the base egoisms of nation, race, ideology, the group and the individual?.


Prior to those statements, Benedict XVI had also declared that in the Third Secret of Fatima "there are indicated realities on Church?s future that are evolving and getting clear." referring to the serious scandals of paedophile acts made by the prelates.

Thus the Pope denies himself saying that even the third message of Our Lady of Fatima has yet to come to its fulfilment, and considering what Neumann said, it could happen by the year 2017.


At this point the question is: do we have human evidence that this time and this date can be confirmed out of facts? Well, the answer is affirmative, and even from reliable sources, so let us see some.

In the spring of 1997, a non-profit organization was created, "Project for the New American Century", also known as PNAC (, a leading "Think Tank" of the U.S. neo-conservatives, which includes people like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, brother of the former President George W. Bush. From this group of people that terrible document known as "Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century", comes out ( In this document they are established the strategies to let the United States of America achieve the global economic and military dominion. This document was published in September 2000, it was then written at the beginning of 1999. It is in that project that the concept of "Infinite War" was defined, a concept that brought directly or indirectly, to all the terrible events that have marked the history of recent years: the attack on the Twin Towers on 11th September 2001, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the various political and economic crises, the abolition of many democratic freedoms, etc., they will mark the near future within a short time, considering the current crisis with Syria and the ever more imminent attack on Iran. It is remarkable that despite the U.S. administration has changed with the arrival of Barack Obama for president, nothing changed. The faces change but not the plans... it is evident that the real power lies elsewhere.


Just from this, we clearly see that Neumann?s reference to the period 1999 - 2017, the time of Cain, during which she saw "overthrowing on Earth a basket full of snakes, that crawl over the cities and countryside, destroying everything", is incredibly confirmed and what is even more shocking is that the PNAC document reports that by 2017 China will be able to fight back politically, economically and militarily the U.S. power worldwide. It is clear, therefore, that for people who think only in terms of military power, saying that China must be stopped before it can become by 2017 a serious threat to U.S. hegemony, may only mean one thing: war! War against China by 2017. The future that the American leadership is preparing for the world is marked by a terrible military conflict against a country with powerful atomic weapons: China. And what about Russia, another country with nuclear weapons, that after years of absence from the international scene, is now returning on the spotlight, and definitely wants to play a role, but not minor one, and its interests, as it can be clearly seen by the recent events of international politics, coincide with those of China. So we are, conceptually and temporally, just within the period given by Neumann, the 18 years of the ? Time of Cain" that would end in fact in 2017.


The importance of this date as a deadline to save the Earth and its inhabitants is highlighted even through the words of an important person like Prince Charles of England. With the astonishment of everybody, in March 2009, speaking to over 150 business leaders at the conference in Rio de Janeiro, where they discussed the measures to be taken to solve the global economic crisis, Prince Charles gave a chilling warning: the time to save the planet is running out, there are only 100 months left. These are the most salient parts of his speech: "The best projections tell us that we have less than 100 months to alter our behaviour before we risk catastrophic climate change. Any difficulties which the world faces today, will be as nothing compared to the full effects which global warming will have on the world-wide economy.

It will result in vast movements of people escaping either flooding or droughts, in uncertain production of food and lack of water and in increasing social instability and potential conflict.

In other words, it will affect the well-being of every man, woman and child on our planet?.



The 100 months mentioned by the Prince Charles are less than eight years and, considering that the speech was made in March 2009, we reach exactly 2017... I think that history and prophecies go, once again, hand in hand in a terrible and deadly embrace without the slightest sign of awareness of these dire warnings by the population and the powerful ones of the world. Remarkable is also the fact that the following month of the same year, April 2009, Prince Charles came to Italy launching the same dramatic appeal in an official meeting with Pope Benedict XVI and the Italian Parliament. The news of the 100 months was not farfetched, because the Prince said in Italy that there were 99 months left to the point of non-return... (

Therese Neumann, in the mentioned prophecies, has described us, conceptually and temporally, the scenery, unfortunately real, of the times which we are living, yet certainly she was not the only one. Many other mystics and seers have warned us against the serious risks that we run if we do not change our behaviour. Heartfelt messages of the Blessed Mother and of Jesus Himself, urged, so far unsuccessfully, to a real and radical redemption of mankind. And yet, despite the indifference of the man, the appeals coming from the divine sphere do not cease, but actually...


In more recent times, messages from cosmic beings visiting our planet in this time of serious crisis have been added to prophets, seers and mystics. They are the messages given to contactees, namely people that during these meetings with very advanced beings from other worlds receive from them anticipations about the future that awaits mankind, on the causes that have generated them and the possible solutions. To the scholars of the subject are well known the names of George Adamski, Howard Menger, Eugenio Siragusa, etc...

Among all of them a special place belongs to Giorgio Bongiovanni that besides being a contactee, he is also a seer and stigmatist, bearer then of a syncretism that unites the transcendent aspect to the cosmic one. (

Since 2nd September 1989, a date which marked the beginning of his experience, till today, a remarkable number of messages of divine and cosmic origin have warned, anticipated and admonished in relation to the serious problems which we all go through.


And it is from an Extraterrestrial source that comes a message which is clearly an expansion, in the smallest details, of the concept expressed by Teresa Neumann when she stated that "On the highest throne I saw the snake of the snakes sitting?" The message in question reached Giorgio Bongiovanni on 2nd September 2010, which was the twenty-first anniversary of the first stigmata occurred at Fatima in 1989, by the being of light who said his name was Ashtar Sheran, during a bleeding from stigmata which left on the four corners of the bed where the miraculous phenomenon took place, four crosses of blood. In this very important statement, among other things, it was revealed the incarnation of the Antichrist, of Ahriman, the son of Satan. The exact words were: ??HE HAS ALREADY EMBODIED SOMEONE AND IS ON EARTH WORKING UNDER THE ORDERS OF HIS FATHER SATAN-LUCIFER. HE IS THE PYRAMID TOP OF AN INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ALREADY OPERATING IN YOUR WORLD SINCE DECADES WHO IS IN CHARGE OF ENSLAVING, SUBDUING AND DESTROYING THE HUMAN SPECIES. THEIR STRENGTH: MONEY. THEIR WEAPONS: WAR, HUNGER, POLLUTION, AND THEOLOGICAL DECEPTION. THEY ARE ALSO EQUIPPED WITH VERY EFFICIENT AND RUTHLESS TOOLS (ORGANIZED CRIME). THE ANTICHRIST, THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS, WILL DECEIVE MANY PEOPLE AND PROCLAIM HIMSELF MESSIAH AND SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD?



Many exegetes have tried to understand what throne Neumann was referring to and the assumptions have been many but none of them definitive. From the message received by Giorgio Bongiovanni, it seems clear to me, for logical deduction, that Neumann was referring to the throne, which now represents the maximum power that dominates the masses, namely economy, money. I believe that in those days she could not be clearer otherwise she would have been not understood. It is not a case that then Ahriman, as the message says, embodied as leader of this super-committee whose strength is represented by money. Today more than ever, we are living it on our skin and in particular it is lived by thousands of children who die every day for hunger and by millions of desperate victims of abuse and violence of any kind and type, including wars. After this message, in various meetings, Giorgio Bongiovanni has further developed the concepts that, in summary, are in the communiqu? of the 2nd September 2010. One of these is the deception that this demon will put in place and thanks to which he will proclaim himself the Saviour of the world. It may be a drug, Giorgio explained, that makes the human life longer of a few tens of years but with terrible side effects that will not be revealed. I quote some excerpts of these speeches.


On 2nd September 2010, the same day on which he has received the message, commenting it with some friends he expressed himself in these terms when he was asked whether even the Elect would be deceived: "...Getting life thirty years longer. Do you not think this is an important discovery to be acclaimed? The elixir of long life is a deception. We know very well that it is not the physical life the one that matters?"


In another meeting, on 21st May 2010, he deepened the concept further:

"There is a process that I hope people never find out, through which nuclear energy can extend life of another two hundred, three hundred years. A process of which there is still no theory or experiment, but that some evil scientists at the service of the power have intuited: this is the reason for insisting on nuclear power. I know it because I get the news from the extraterrestrials. I tell you the truth, the whole truth, and in twenty years time you?ll see that I was right... This is one of the possible 'miracles' on which my enemy, the antichrist is working on by investing huge sums of money. A miracle that he will use to proclaim himself God and before whom billion of people will kneel. The Pope will bless him and everybody will believe him. An elixir of long life, made ??available to everyone in pill form, with lethal, deadly side effects, which makes man sterile, radioactive and that produces harbar. It will increase the instinct to kill, to rape, to overwhelm and the world will be even more furious. There will be only the Hell, Agartha..."


And again, on 18th June, 2011: the Nuclear power plants are needed not only to build atomic weapons, but also for this project, which is also a military project... the great powerful of the Earth want to extend life up to 140, 150 years. But the extraterrestrial will not allow it... This tablet, that would be the victory of the antichrist then and that they are experimenting and named 'elixir of long life', destroys neurons in the brain and has ten times more side effects than taking tablets of amphetamines that some youths take when they go out to the disco. So it makes your life longer, but leads you to madness, to become evil. It has the side effect of cocaine and amphetamine, and causes a sadistic desire of killing".


Finally on 15th August 2011: "...Only a war can save the world economy. So get ready! Or something else could happen. Namely after the failure of all the banks, one of these nine bankers belonging to the group of families who have set up this crazy system, comes offering us salvation. Offering to all of us fiscal consolidation, the increase of pensions, a basic income for all humanity, the pill to get life longer. And all of us will kneel to him and say, "at last the saviour of mankind came."


            It is clear, from this discussion, that the beings of light revealed to Giorgio Bongiovanni many more details than the ones in the message of 2nd September 2010, where the themes are presented only in brief summary.


Actually, the mirage of eternal youth is really fascinating for anyone.

This dream has always accompanied man, the desire to avoid senility, with all the problems involved, and even the desire to defeat the most terrible enemy, death, has prompted scholars and adventurers to any kind and type of challenges for centuries.

Today the situation has certainly not changed, it is known that the search goes on and, occasionally, there are articles speaking of more recent discoveries made ??in laboratories scattered in various parts of the world, the dream has never abandoned us then... but certainly no one would have ever thought of a diabolical deception of this magnitude involving renowned scientists and researchers who are also Italian. There are for example people of a certain age now who make speeches apparently contradictory, such as the one on nuclear power plants that should not be harmful...

Only beings of a great spiritual and scientific-technical capabilities could have penetrated the veil of such a terrible and insane secret... True, false? Did Giorgio Bongiovanni make everything up?

Besides the confirmations of a great number of anticipations given by him in numerous messages, there have been news for a long time now. Thus let?s look for evidence also for this incredible story, at human and scientific level, that can give us a confirmation, so we can actually start to see something here too.

( )


A recent article published on 3rd November 2011 by "The Wall Street Journal", Spanish section, speaks of very interesting successes obtained, with an unspecified "treatment" made on mice, by a laboratory of the Mayo Clinic located in Rochester, Minnesota. Jan van Deursen, lead author of the research, Professor of Biochemistry, Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Departments of Mayo Clinic, explained that if it could be possible to even block the process of cellular senescence in humans, all the diseases related to old age could be treated as a group rather than individually. In few words, the most severe disease remains the old age followed by death. The encouraging success that the team of Professor Van Deursen had on mice should give a hope to the future but... if it is true what was revealed to Giorgio Bongiovanni by the beings of light, this must warn us towards similar news. Then I ask myself: "besides terrible deception and terrible side effects that this discovery might bring, what is the point of staying young and living longer in a dying, polluted world, with resources almost exhausted and where injustice, indifference and violence rule? Is it not already insane and diabolical spending enormous economic resources for a similar research when 30,000 children die every day for starvation and is really the old age the biggest problem for humanity? Besides, who would be the real beneficiaries of the most extraordinary discovery of history? Would it be available to everyone or would it be only for the usual rich people living off the suffering and the death of millions of people?

The answers do not seem so granted to me... Will Ahriman be able to have the time to put in practice his hallucinatory and diabolical plans?

While the first few weeks of an awaited and feared 2012 go on, the news pile up quickly, and as they move between social disorders, economic crises, natural disasters, crazy climate, solar flares of a great power never seen before, scandals of any kind, violence and abuses, the rumours of an imminent attack on Iran are getting more and more insistent, so that according to the messages given to Giorgio Bongiovanni by the beings of light, will be the beginning of an escalation that will lead to the nuclear holocaust. In a message dated 2nd February 2012, also these beings gave in and warned that they would not have intervened any more to stop the mad hand of the man who has already chosen his destiny of death and destruction.


Thus it is more probable that the concept expressed by Bongiovanni on 15th August 2011 will occur, when he stated that "...Only a war can save the world economy" concept, many times explained to him in advance by the Extraterrestrials through various press releases during the previous years, even when all seemed quiet and the problems seemed to affect only the others. Fortunately, still in the message of 2nd February 2012, the Extraterrestrials confirmed that they will save only a specific quality of people able to create a civilization without the wickedness of today and they will clean up the planet from all the rubbish that this insane and diabolical society has distributed over land and sea. Thus the final part of the vision of Therese Neumann that at the end sees in ecstasy ?the cemetery where the dreams of men are buried?, come true.

She also saw an epitaph where there is a significant inscription: "Here lies the man who thought himself to be God." When purification will be complete, there will be life again. But the new man will wear a new dress, the gown of humility and faith and ??even the most important of the prophecies will be fulfilled: " In those days, after that tribulation, the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give its light anymore, the stars will fall from the sky and the powers in the Heaven shall be disrupted: Then they will see the Son of the Man coming on the clouds with great power and glory. He will send out the angels and will gather his elect from the four winds, from every corners of the Earth to the ends of Heaven. "

And finally it will be true peace in this world.


P.G. Caria

2nd February 2012