Report of the activities of Giorgio Bongiovanni and Jaime Maussan
on Crop Circles in England (Part One)

As it has been scheduled for several months the trip in England now takes place.
Giorgio Bongiovanni, along with part of his family, Pier Giorgio Caria and other co-workers went to Wiltshire, a well known place throughout world for the manifestation of the majority of crop circles.
His presence in this place was not accidental, because it was desired by Jaime Maussan, a famous Mexican journalist and researcher, a personal friend of Giorgio, who along with his staff of "vigilantes" and co-workers edits for CANAL9, the very popular program Tercer Milenio.


The Mexican team has already been on site for days for interviews, investigations and analysis of crop circles that had been previously formed this season and those that could possibly occur during those days with the presence of the staff and Giorgio Bongiovanni himself on site.
This form of communication between Heaven and Earth has not failed. It dates back to last July 30th the following and extraordinary pictogram formed in a field of Roundway Hill, Near Devizes, Wiltshire.
Giorgio Bongiovanni with all his staff arrived to an hotel in Swindon, England on August 4th, whose rooms were perfectly suitable for the live recording with the Mexican television channel. Schedule: visit and analysis on-site, non-stop crop circles and a live program every day!
circulo2014-bAugust 5th. Jaime Maussan interviewed personally Giorgio Bongiovanni for the program "Crop Circles 2014 - En Vivo desde Inglaterra" which was transmitted alive from Mexico City. The program over the network has been followed by millions of people that were connected.
During the interview Giorgio explained his great interest in the crop circles. His spiritual experience started when he was very young, has always been related with UFOs, to continue then with the mystical phenomenon of Marian apparitions and messages of Jesus Christ.
circulo2014-cUFOs are studied today as a real scientific and mathematical fact, for us they are the means proving that the intelligences that pilot them to travel in the cosmos and visit our planet, use a technology much more advanced than ours, but Giorgio also explained that his main interest is to know who these beings are, where they come from, what they think about religion, spirituality, if they have souls, if they have spirit.

According to him these beings are our brothers who have known Christ. To underline this there are the pictograms which in recent times reproduce religious and spiritual symbols, such as crosses, chalices, even the face of Christ.

Jaime Maussan and Giorgio Bongiovanni went personally to Devizes. For the first time Giorgio has been able to walk in the middle of a crop circle and expressed during the interview his excitement for the cosmic meaning and the intrinsic spiritual message they got.


Also the researcher Pier Giorgio Caria interviewed by Jaime has interpreted the visit of Giorgio in England with his sacred stigmata as something very important; according to his opinion, from this moment on, something about the manifestation of the phenomenon of crop circles itself could change.

At the end of the program the journalist Jaime Maussan talked about his relationship with Giorgio Bongiovanni that dates back more than 20 years ago.
He was very impressed to see him in 1993, at the Hotel Gemmellaro, located at the foot of Mount Etna (Sicily), when walking along the corridor of the hotel, he entered the room where Giorgio, lying in a bed, was bleeding from the stigmata. It was evident the intense pain he was feeling, but what drew his attention most, was the strong scent of roses, extraordinary detail confirmed also by Dr. Carmen Recalde, haematologist of Paraguay, who had sensed the same scent by analysing the blood taken from the stigmata of Giorgio.

August 6th. Everything was ready for the noon program in Mexico, but we have been taken by surprise, by the presenter Yohanan D?az that, when started to talk, announced that he had just learned that the stigmatist Giorgio Bongiovanni could not attend the live because he was bleeding from the stigmata, and at that moment, the cameramen were taking pictures about it with the possibility of airing them before the end of the program.


Jaime Maussan, from England, began to comment about the moment absolutely out of the ordinary, adding that the delay in the start of the program it was due to the visit and analysis of the two crop circles seen during the morning, whose distance from each other was of a couple of hours.

Then the images of Giorgio's bleedings were transmitted. We have seen again the same scene that occurred many years ago, a blast from the past for those who have been following the work of Giorgio Bongiovanni since the beginning, in 1989.

The same story told the previous day by Jaime Maussan was repeating itself after 20 years, not in Sicily, but in England, with Jaime Maussan himself at the side of the bed in which Giorgio Bongiovanni was bleeding, with an evident pain in his body, but with an impressive serenity.

As it happened that time, Jaime spoke with gentleness and respect: -"Do you feel a lot of pain?" - "Yes, I do. But I am fine." -"How can you live with this Giorgio?" -"For me it is an honour. Actually I feel even more the pain of the suffering people. I understand goodness better. It is not hard to love one another. Suffering for a good cause is worth it." -"Is this a sign for the people?" - "Yes it is, this sign reminds us Christ crucified and above all makes us understand why He let them crucify Himself: to help us, to save us, to love us, to be close to people who do not have anything, to the people living in war, to those who are persecuted... I love a God like this, they have always talked us about an authoritarian, violent God, but this part of God that comes close humbly to his creatures is a good God." -"Do you think that what is happening now is because of the moment that we are living?"
IMG-20140807-WA0014-"Yes I do, it is because the great human suffering, I believe that a catastrophe will happen, but as said the Virgin of Fatima, after this, a new Era will start. The price will be high, but the most important thing is that there will be a new Era for the children." -"Now Giorgio, at this time people in Mexico and around the world see how real is all of this... how you constantly bleed and the pain that it causes you". -"Yes, all of this is surprising even to me  after 25 years... it is a miracle and I do not know why it happens to me... I am not worthy, but I have the honour to be a witness of it". -"But Giorgio you fight even against mafia, it is truly amazing." -"For me it is a duty, if you claim to be a messenger of Christ in my homeland, Sicily. It is my duty to do something against the evil, against what for us, Sicilians, is the devil. Unfortunately these men embody it, but I am not afraid of them... maybe they have a little fear of me, I do not know... I do what I can". -"Would you like to say something to the people?" -"Yes, to wish peace, to eliminate all forms of war and violence. We need a different world, we must respect each other more because we are all brothers. We must fight for this, otherwise our children will have no IMG-20140807-WA0029future. Peace, Love, Justice, this world required so much justice. In Israel it is taking place a genocide and probably the Earth will react, and it will hit us to invite us to change. But I believe in a new world, I believe in the Second Coming of Christ. To me this sign that I have along with other ones, announces the imminent Return of Jesus". -"Many thanks Giorgio... let us start the program.
"Fernando Correa, precious collaborator of Jaime Maussan, intervened to say that the day before Giorgio had told him that the phenomenon of bleeding from stigmata could manifest. Great was his surprise when he was informed that Giorgio was bleeding and even more when they come into his room he began to record the extraordinary event that was manifesting in front of his eyes. Both he and Jaime have later reaffirmed their emotion just as Giorgio, special guest, arrived at the beginning of the program, already recovered from the bleeding that took place daily for 25 years. Live and without gloves Giorgio sent the message he had just received during the bleeding "Signs that call signs."

Such as the last circle appeared today very close to the hotel where they were staying. A circle which shows the figure of a triangle circumscribed by a circle, along with other three circles outside. A pictogram, that according to Giorgio, represents the "Trinity." Important is the analogy of the picture of the grain with the triangular / prismatic shape of the synthetic stone (corundum), whose cut was explained by the brothers of the Heaven in the last century to the contactee Eugenio Siragusa, with the main function to channel, amplify and retransmit energy. Giorgio Bongiovanni as well as many friends and co-workers, has been wearing, for many years, one of these synthetic rubies on his neck, mounted on a pendant in the shape of a 7-pointed star.

circulo2014 e
The transmission went on with the projection of images recorded in Hampshire where all the staff of Jaime and Giorgio Bongiovanni had been in the morning. The figure created some doubts about the authenticity of the circle, but all agreed that it still deserved to be investigated.
circulo2014 f  circulo2014-g

Later they were transmitted the images shot in the morning by Jaime Maussan in the crop circle appeared on June 25th in Dorset, in the middle of nowhere, impossible to see from any road, more than an hour and a half away from Wilshire where until now most formations appeared. According to Giorgio this number represents the "555" number that leads to the Holy Mother, the number of the Virgin which is ?5?. "555" is the antithesis of number "666". In all the representations we see the holy Virgin who crushes the head of the serpent, Satan.

circulo2014 h  circulo2014 i

IMG-20140807-WA0020According to Pier Giorgio Caria this circle is true for the greatness and perfection of its forms, and it is impacting on an emotional level, for the energy of the place.
Jaime Maussan closed the program and announced the continuation of the works and shootings inside the crop circles and the interviews in studio with Giorgio, Pier Giorgio and all the staff to continue to document this phenomenon in the world so interesting, both scientifically and spiritually.

Again Jaime Maussan reconfirmed to be a perfect tool for the dissemination of signs and extraordinary events, as well as coordinator/director of researches and programs at the service of society. The real information affirms the truth that leads man to reflect on his function and to analyse carefully the serious crisis facing planet Earth at all levels, because of the wicked choices put in place by governments, the most serious of which is nuclear power, the "absolute evil" as defined in the message divulged by Giorgio Bongiovanni on August 6th, tragic anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb.


Vanesa Varini de Huertos and Mara Testasecca
Sant?Elpidio a Mare (Italy)