mexpier2000By Yohanan D?az Vargas - Reporter and researcher
Through this mean I want to speak out against a true campaign of misinformation they are carrying out to convince the public opinion that the case of the two slides shown to the National Auditorium in Mexico, where you can see a being not human, is actually a Mummy.
The tablet that has given origin to the speculations, after that some words in it written have been deciphered, is actually a circumstantial evidence that does not have any scientific support.
To reach their aim they introduce presumed evidences that the above Mummy was exhibited in the Museum of Mesa Verde in Colorado. Despite these statements, up to this moment, any kind of image has not been illustrated which demonstrates that these information is true.
Anthony Bragalia, presumed investigator, who would have discovered the existence of this Mummy has been introduced as the most important investigator of this case, even if he did not participate in the study of the same.
We do not know who he is, what his work is or what his history is. Actually you are not able to find him in internet, there is any kind of image or person that has known him.
Bragalia affirms that he can not travel for health reasons and that he can not be photographed for presumed safety explanations, the fact is that he seems he does not exist.
Nevertheless, he seems to have become the most authoritative investigator of the case introduced in Mexico.
There are rumors that the investigators of Bewitness would step backwards in front of the attacks, a not verified gossip and lacking of a real basis showing, in such way, only that we are in front of a true campaign of misinformation.
The Museum of Mesa Verde has declined to show images of the Mummy, asserting that despite it has been exhibited for more than 50 years, there is not any image of it.
The National institute of Forensic Sciences is resoluted in its position respect the analysis introduced during the event of Bewitness and  concludes:
The being, that has been exhibited, does not have human characteristics.
Up to this moment nobody has introduced a similar analysis.
We had to aspect a similar reaction, nevertheless there is not any evidence that induces us to reconsider our position in front of the proofs that have been reported.
Each person can have his own opinion, but it must be based on facts, tests and analysis such as those that we have shown till today.
Jaime Maussan  
15th May 2015  

Interview made by Yohanan D?az a Jaime Maussan: