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7th  January 2016


Another call ...

The Blessed Virgin Miriam calls her children once again, in Sicily, where the harmony of the sky joins the one of the sea and the sea with the Earth, where the force of nature is before our eyes with all its colors that blend one another ...
There is the great sacred mountain, the Etna, that is there where  all looks and dominates with its incomparable beauty and energy.
Sicily, as beloved as painful Land. Land kissed by the sun and rocked several times by the gentle embrace of the Heavenly Mother who longs to unite all Her children with love and only for love.
How many prayers, how many tears, how many calls to repentance, to conversion to Her Sacred Heart, to the greatest of all loves, to Her Son Jesus Christ.
Sicily, red painted ... red like the fire of the Holy Mountain, red as the blood that falls from Her sacred face ... and bathes all Her Sublime Being.
The recall of the Immaculate Conception comes to us, this time, from the center of Sicily, Piazza Armerina, where a dense forest of eucalyptus and pine trees shows us the way.
We are in Piazza Crucifisso, the cool, moist air, the houses set against one another, via Crocifisso, narrow and  illuminated only by the lights of a small comet to show us that that one is the house where the sign is waiting for us.
A simple, modest house, where the suffering of the humble servant of the Most Holy Mother, Crocefissa, touches the heart and all invades.

It is impossible not feeling an ardent desire to transmit, to show to our eyes what her eyes have seen and her hands have touched.
"People do not care ... people do not care ...", "Chiange and Chiange" ( speaking in Sicilian dialect) kept saying Crocefissa, "touch, touch ...", speaking in that strict dialect of that area, almost incomprehensible but it was the emotion and the strength of her heart to make us understand her words.
Crocefissa along with her brother Giuseppe, to whom during the Lent the stigmata appear, make us partakers of their  very painful experience for the difficulties and the obstacles that they receive primarily by the clerical  commission, because this one tries to prevent them from spreading  the sign and the message. The Virgin tells them to pray and to do the works, Giuseppe says to us.
They are determined and keep going on with their way. In their house so many people meet to pray and also many healings take place at the foot of Our Lady.
The Immaculate Conception was there ... before my eyes, in my heart ... I am filled with a whirlwind of emotions, memories that have marked my being now and forever ... I would have liked to wipe her tears, caressing her, embracing her ... but who am I? ... The body stays motionless in front of so much beauty and greatness ...
Then ... when Love prevails and the heart begins to beat faster and faster, suddenly I am at Her feet and I give Her, as a gift,  a white rosary, I  caress  her and pray in the silence of my heart.
How many signs my eyes  have seen in Heaven and on Earth !!! ... How many times my hands have caressed the Holy blood of the stigmata of Her  humble servant and our life master, Giorgio, how many tears of joy and blood I have wiped away with  my hands .... all is over me and emerges again to my spirit, in a short moment ... that has marked and marks an eternity.
With my friends and brothers Flavio, Pier Giorgio, Fabio, we have  graced  this great prodigy being aware to honor it more and more by the works in this great Truth that has fed our lives.
In this Land of fire and love, Sicily, our eyes have so much more to see and our hands will still have to wipe away so many tears and our mouth will still have so much to cry out in this hard and arduous path before the Master of the Masters Jesus Christ can return.
He will return soon with power and glory !!! ... this His Blessed Mother keep announcing, She that  will never  leave us alone.
We leave for the moment this small and yet big house. What we have seen there and what we live with the sacred signs of the stigmata every day, will stay in us forever.
With devotion
6th January 2016

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