Last night, Saturday September 17th, we did the weekly meeting with some guys who work in the Ark of Milan, among these there were Elizabetta Tritto, Michele Pellegrini, Simona Sibilla, Sante Pagano, Alessandra Diotti and Luca Grossi. Luca himself saw on the ground of the balcony something strange. He picked it up and immediately came to me and told me: "Antonio! It's a lemon of your plant that turned into the figure of Our Lady who seems to look at some children!".
So, I took it right away in my hands and noticed with surprise the fantastic stylized form of what that amazingly resembles the figure of Our Lady with her head down while looking at small protuberances at the base, which resemble, even if in stylized form,  small children to her foot.
For us who love the Truth, we are in front of another important sign that Heaven gives us in a period of strong unprecedented epochal changes for human history.
The words of Giorgio Bongiovanni came immediately to our mind, in his last spiritual meetings he underlined the importance of  the little children of God themselves entrusted to us, and the fact that the Kingdom of Heaven will belong to them.
We have a great responsibility towards them, and the duty to protect them from all the ugly things that this sick society offers them, with the aim that these innocent creatures, the adults of tomorrow, could belong to the great cosmic family and travel in the infinite space with our dear beloved Brothers of the Space.
Antonio Urzi

18th September 2016