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Report of the activities of Giorgio Bongiovanni and Jaime Maussan
on Crop Circles in England (Part two)

By Mara Testasecca and Vanesa Varini de Huertos.
The activities of the trip to England of Giorgio Bongiovanni and the researcher Pier Giorgio Caria along with the italian video production company Sydonia, that has collaborated with the Mexican team for the realization of the program "Crop Circles 2014 - En Vivo desde Inglaterra" channel Tercer Milenio of Mexico,  live recorded every day from the Holiday Inn hotel in Swindon, continue. Mentor and principal presenter of the program is the famous journalist and researcher Jaime Maussan, personal friend of Giorgio for 30 years, that  has divulged researches and evidences on UFOs and extraterrestrial reality through the most famous television channels of Mexico, such as TELEVISIVA, and organized conferences, seminars, international conferences in many countries.
Its seriousness and professionalism have brought him to be an international reference for the research in this field. He got the respect of all the researchers and the ufo community at the international level thanks to the way he arranged his radio and television programs. He is able to touch the consciences, and to convert the initial skepticism in analysis and  respect of his own thought.
senales200It is known as during the last decade Jaime raised the level of the analysis of each of the cases he talks about, with the 'relentless research of the cases and of the scientific evidences in support of the extraterrestrial visitation on our planet and the connection with the fundamental factor of same: the extreme concern of these beings for the unstoppable  self-destructive way that the human kind has taken.
The presence and the extraterrestrial visitation for us is part of the cosmic plan that announces and anticipates the most important event of all time: the second coming of Jesus Christ on Earth to establish the kingdom promised by Him 2,000 years ago, and to judge the living and the dead on the merits of the actions in favor of life carried by each, not on the ideas or one's faith.
2000 years have passed since the indifference of all the generations that have followed, despite the prophets, the marian apparitions, the mysterious events, the miracles, the warnings and the signs of all kinds such as the crop circles, the messages of the heaven, the stigmatists in the history and the stigmata of Giorgio Bongiovanni ...
Signs that today unite in front of a camera a man who has been stigmastist  for 25 years and some researchers to offer a different perspective of reflection and reading of the events that happen. There are tools to be leaders of something that goes well beyond our daily lives totally immersed in the materialism, with the absolute lack of awareness of the eternity of the spirit and of the cosmic change that is coming.
August 7th. The program starts with Giorgio Bongiovanni, Jaime Maussan and Fernando Correa.  Giorgio had time enough to talk about his work as director of the magazine and website Antimafiaduemila. The mexicans have emphasized the valor and courage of Giorgio who lives and works in Palermo, the realm of the criminal organization Cosa Nostra. If anyone in Mexico did  the same thing like in Michoac?n, denouncing "Los caballeros templarios", the biggest criminal organization in the country, would be eliminated, killed instantly.
We, that in Italy watched the live show, were impressed by the serenity of the face of Giorgio who talked to millions of viewers about the importance of the social work and of the role of the information.
We were surprised than for the broadcasting of the images recorded by Fernando Correa and his collaborators, known as "los vigilantes" (the vigilants): the movie of some spheres appeared in the sky, just above the hotel where Giorgio and everyone were staying, while they were testing the cameras and the necessary equipment for a program that is new for our Italy, a few hour skywatching in Etchilhampton Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire, in the same place where on August 15th 2008  a huge cross appeared.
Later there was the presentation of the images of the crop circle that was formed a few days ago in Wiltshire, and the comparison of it with the circle formed a few days before in Germany, one of the first crop circles of this country.

2cronica2 2cronica3
Crop Circle in Avebury Downs,
Wiltshire,  29-07-14
Germany 18-07-2014

Then Jaime has  re-broadcasted  the images of the bleeding of Giorgio Bongiovanni on August 6th, with the purpose of showing how the Heaven manifested in the body of a man that came to this world to touch with his sacrifice people's hearts and to fight tirelessly to awaken all those souls who sleep before the biggest  event ever, the biggest revelation of all time. The angels of yesterday are the aliens of today, they have recognized and serve Christ, they are part of His legions, and they will show themselves to the entire world before His Return, before the time and the day that no one knows... the day and the time that the father has reserved.


On August 8th Giorgio and all the group visited another very important site in the history of the crop circles, right where they have begun to form. The news arrived in Italy with the message: "we were in Averbury  where there is one of the largest circle of the world made up of thousand years old stones.
Gigantic stones, each weighing hundreds of tons, no one knows how they were put in that place, but I know, this is due to the extraterrestrials.
We are going to talk about them during the program. Yours Giorgio. "


Jaime explained that the circular shape (by the diameter of 60 meters), formed by the stones seems to be a very ancient solar calendar, which is defined by experts as the heart of crop circles 'phenomenon. For Giorgio the stones transmit a huge power, it is unlikely that they have been transported because even today their transport would be complicated. It is a mystery, maybe the extraterrestrials,  beings from other civilizations, used the teleport for their location. Fernando Correa specifies that their formation dates back to 6000 years ago, 1000 years before of stonehenge then, the neolithic site located near Amesbury, always in England, composed of a circular setting of large standing stones, known as megaliths. Always Fernando shows special engravings made on the   volumetric stones - maybe - for the purpose of the durability.
15 minutes before the program started , we learned that the bleeding  of the stigmata of Giorgio has just repeated. The time to recover and participate in live with Jaime Maussan and Fernando Correa, once again without gloves, available to answer any questions from reporters and viewers. Jaime evaluates its participation as an extraordinary opportunity.
It has been thanks to Lara, the precious helper of our ark, that we noticed for the entire transmission that Giorgio spoke without gloves, certainly it was not a chance, being us witnesses of his confidentiality and respect for the sacred signs.
? It is always alive the memory of our Lady of Fatima when on 2nd September 1989, during the ecstasy that precede the stigma, he himself announced that he would be the bearer of a sign that the  entire world would have seen ... So it was , since that day till today, 25 years later.
Pictures have been transmitted of the new crop circle that had just formed during that day, very close to the one that appeared on the last July 29th , divided by the road. A symbology to be studied. According  to Correa from the pictogram you can deduce a certain analogy with the channel Tercer Milenio, surprisingly formed inside of it  on 1st August 1997.


The program continued with the many questions from the viewers and the people from the web, almost all on the figure and  the spiritual experience of Giorgio Bongiovanni, on his incredible case. It was emphasized the medical and inspection tests carried out over the time and in different countries. Giorgio  wanted to add that even for his diabetologist there is no a rational explanation of the phenomenon, because in cases like his, the wounds tend not to heal and to give problems of infection, while in his case the coagulation times of the blood that comes out the stigmata are much faster than the time of coagulation of his blood extract intravenously, or the blood coming out from any other wound or microscarring that  accidentally happened.
There could not be the closing message of Giorgio, given the manifestation of the crop circles with clear references of spiritual nature.
"we must change our lives, we must prepare our children for a better future, without fear of the absolute evil, even if this exists, and in all probability the general situation will get worse. We have to prepare them for a future of love, peace, respect and a sense of justice. I believe in God, in the blessed Virgin, in your Virgin of Guadalupe, and I know that she will protect us, she will save us, but we must give our whole life to build peace we all want. "
Jaime closed this last program thanking Giorgio, Pier Giorgio Caria and Sydonia staff. I invite you to follow the next episodes and the researches of the "vigilants" of the sky.
The  value of information, the culture of comunication.
To Jaime Maussan the merit of being able to offer a commendable research and professional journalism in this era of clear manipulation of reality. All our gratitude and rispect goes to him.
To Giorgio Bongiovanni, once again, we must recognize the extraordinary ability to bring people together and to offer stimulating connections among all disciplines, as well as an opportunity to converge in an overview of the "reading" of the social dynamics that life imposes on us, but that we should not suffer, because they are also spiritual dynamics.
The crop circles of these days, with the bleeding of the stigmata of Giorgio Bongiovanni once again followed live by millions of people, the spirit of cooperation between people of different nations and different culture, the friendship, the spirit of service, the passion for the research ...
"THE SIGNS THAT CALL THE SIGNS" ... to announce the promised return of the Master Jesus Christ, to establish a new heaven and a new earth.
Thank you all. Fraternally.

Mara Testasecca and Vanesa Varini de Huertos
Sant'Elpidio a Mare (Italy)