By Sonia Tabita Bongiovanni

The human modern society, which has reached the most advanced technology in human history and realized the values of coexistence and integration among peoples of different cultures and religions, has been able in part to evolve, and yet despite this today it is determined not to learn from history and then from the experiences of enormous sufferings through which humanity has gone. It does not preserve memory and keeps going on  following a wrong, nefarious path, which can lead to the human self-destruction.

The society thinks to be able to solve problems, various conflicts, misunderstandings, intolerances, and violence itself among nations, by war, in spite of the suffering that it might cause due to the death of thousands and thousands of people, claiming that the right thing is to have a loser and a winner, who will determine how to rule their nation.

Despite the First and Second World War, the wars in Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan and in many other countries it has been demonstrated to the entire world that the world situation has not changed, that the war has only brought the death of hundreds of thousands of people.

Today politics foment any kind of war; that one to the terrorism, dictatorships even if they are true or false, the war for water, weapons, oil, for every minimum thing.

The war ideology prevails more than ever. This merciless war, which kills millions and millions of human beings. This war which does not spare women, children, honest men, old people  and those who are vulnerable. This war that destroys everything is necessary  for the coexistence of the man himself. This war that made our species inhuman.

We are tired of always seeing dead bodies; on television, newspapers and on any means of communication, we are tired of seeing with our own eyes so much cruelty.

We, who are young, want and claim peace; it is useful both to those who are aware to need it and to those who are not. We must do everything possible to bring it to our planet; through pacifist and political revolutionary movements , small demonstrations, and through any kind of means that can lead us to achieve our goal.

We claim peace and also justice then; we want everyone to have equal rights; the right to water, life, health, food, work; the fundamental goods to which every human being needs. Today because of the war more than 4.5 billion people do not have these basic rights.

For this reason it is necessary to change the methodology and make the choice to completely ban any kind of military conflict.

We want the political system, the system of thinking to change; in our society diplomacy, integration, tolerance, respect must prevail.  Moral values must prevail such as love, the true union among peoples. Only in this way we will be able to be truly happy within ourselves and feel that enormous desire to live that overcome all our human problems, boundaries, which breaks any kind of barrier.

Only by making our beautiful planet breath through peace, love and justice we will succeed to break down that imaginary "Iron Sky" that is above us and inside us at the same time, that oppresses us, and every day tries to destroy us.

More years pass, and more the economic crises generated by globalization raise in the world; where there is the largest amount of people who suffer and die because of poverty, compared to that one of wealthy people. Poverty causes a lack of product sales, a crisis among nations and thus an economic decline. To maintain the wealthy status of life to the powerful and statesmen, soldiers and mafia, the mafia criminal organizations themselves economically supported by the states and the secret services make and sell weapons (this is the main reason why wars are made), but  they mailnly produce and sell drugs in extreme amounts.

We, young people, by taking drugs, think to rebel against the system, in fact we do not realize we do the exact opposite; we do not realize that by using drugs, being violent with others, being racist and remaining indifferent to the true values of this life we are implementing the game of this imperialist system, we become slaves of those who want to treat us like puppets, of those who do not want us to believe in the ideals and who are not interested in our happiness.

All this because who is above the system is afraid of the enormous strength that we, young people, have, of what we can do, of how we can change this society if indeed we rebel against themselves.

There have been many men who have sacrificed for the sake of our future, to teach us which are the real moral values to fight, to stay alive for, and we want to take example from their teaching.

We want a different State, we want to rebel against men of power who do not teach us to live because of their interests.

14th October 2016
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