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Sant'Elpidio a Mare (Italy)
20th October 2017  07: 30  p.m.

by P.G. Caria

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Nazca, A Transude Chest Of Mysteries.
The mysterious city  of Nazca are situated in Peru and the only way to see them is from above the sky. Since a long time attracting curious people and researchers from around the world and the most recent discovery happened in that zone close towards the end of 2016. It produced a very strong interest and turned on polemics about the real or fake origin of mysterious mummified bodies. Their have an anatomy similar to the human body, but, very different for in some peculiar aspects.

momia3 4 5Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Lines and zoomorphic figures on the Nazca plain in Peru

This fascinating story began when some scavengers went to the headquarters of the NGO INKARI, a non-governmental institution that deals with archaeological and anthropological research in Cusco, the ancient Inca capital of Per?. The goal was to solicit an investigation that could identify the real nature of some apparently mummified bodies, found by them near the plain where the Nazca lines are located.

Thierry Jamin is a French Historian and geographer director of the NGO INKARI who met ?the"huaqueros? (grave robbers or looters). Jasmine recounts the facts in this way: "In October 2016 we got a visit of the discoverer of the bodies at the INKARI Institute. They had an incredible story and even more amazing finds, such as small mummies or small bodies allegedly mummified"

momia6 7Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Thierry Jamin, director of Inkari NGO

The First Medical Tests And The Attempt To Involve The Institutions.

Once Thierry had in hand the first specimens, he demanded some preliminary analysis carried out by a group of doctors. The Peruvian surgeon Dr. Renan Ram?rez,  analysed one of bodies and stated that it is an original finding with no trace of forgery. As a result of holding a likely anthropological evidence,  Thierry writes a letter to the director of the ministry of the culture of Peru. The intent is to report and describe all the anomalous details found in mummified bodies. Unfortunately he does not receive any response about the request for a direct intervention by the Ministry of Research.

momia8Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560The Peruvian medical surgeon Dr. Renan Ram?rez

The bodies found are in perfect conditions. That comes across as a real challenge for the science because if the results of the survey are positive then the evolutionary history of the human race revised.

Introducing "Alien Project?

momia9Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560As a consequence of the refusal, Jamin launches a crowd funding through the web in order to perform the necessary investigations to bring out the true nature of this incredible discovery. The result is positive because thousands of people have joined the fundraising and the operational phase of the project can begin. The name given to this is ?Alien Project?.

One of the first people to join enthusiastically to this project is the famous Mexican researcher and journalist Jaime Maussan. In turn Maussan can involve the, an American group that deals with researches and circulation of topics such as mystery and 'fringe sciences'. The group involves other specialists, experts in forensic medicine, biology, archaeology, radiology and tomography, anthropological anatomy, journalism and different technicians for audio, video and footage.
The team of independent specialists consists of different nationalities members: United States, Russia, Mexico, Peru and Spain.  From the beginning these experts have dedicated themselves with passion to this research with the firm intention to disclose without filters and manipulations, all that information would have come to light on this amazing event.

Beginning Of The Specialized Inspection Analyses

momia10Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Once the main points of the were defined, the investigative project was organized the city of Cusco in late April 2017.
The first find to be presented to the experts is one of the three tridactyl hands found, these show three anomalous fingers each and they are long thirty centimetres with even six phalanxes.
You can clearly observe the nail bed as it exists in the normal human fingers, this just to underline that they do not have claws.
Experts who analysed the evidences are the Peruvian surgeon Dr. Edson Salazar, the biologist Jos? de la Cruz R?os L?pez and dr Jos? Jes?s Zalce of the department of forensic medicine of the Mexican Navy.  This was their assessment as per the given scenario:
?In this hand is clearly visible a muscle tissue, however are different than humans that have the bones surrounded with the muscle for all the bone length, because the muscle is merely superimposed on the bone. This means that the function of these fingers was just of flexion, extension and not of rotation and wrapping, how it exist in the hands of primates here on Earth.
It is also very interesting to see that this hand has six phalanxes whereas man has just three?.

momia11 12Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Dried heads compared to a human skull of a child

Doctors examined dried heads found without body and their appearance was extremely unusual. The size comparison with a human skull makes clear the great difference. This exhibit is roughly big as an adult man's hand. This skull also shows another remarkable detail: the foramen magnum, in which there is the root of the first cervical vertebra of the neck, the Atlas, is square in shape

momia13 14Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Square occipital hole at the base of the skull

The morphological characteristics of the find are very similar to Steven Spielberg's extraterrestrial ET. The suspicion that the famous Director was inspired by similar finds that have been held by Governments and kept hidden to the human race is as it should be. Especially considering that Hollywood is a powerful propaganda and mass manipulation machine used by power brokers across the world.

momia15 16Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Subsequently the researchers could see other completed bodies with heads similar to those already covered. The height was witnessed to be about 60 cm and they also had tridactyl hands and feet. One of these seems a feminine entity and it appeared to be pregnant. The doctors gave them the names of Albert and Josefina.

Dr. Jos? Jes?s Zalce states to take away any doubt that this bodies may be artificially made fakes:
?Has no human features although there are similarities, that make it an anthropomorphically humanoid type.
Assuming that it can be false, the knowledge of anatomy, the anatomical composition of muscle fibers and tendon, the presence of joints and bone consistency, make it extremely difficult to assume that it is false. They are probably not mammals because there is not the presence of breast glands in any anatomical part.
Asked whether it is or not mammals, I am incline to the idea that they are a kind of reptilian bodies that look like humans but they are not human.
The tridactyline in the upper and lower extremities, the type of skull elongated, the size of the ocular orbits, is more coincident with the anatomical structures typical of reptiles rather than a mammal.
We see this especially in the hips, where you can appreciate the presence of the iliac crests but not a pubic bone that joins. We are faced with an extraordinary fact that could change history, is an opportunity for science and for all of humanity, to open minds and borders'

momia17Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560The two beings named Albert and Josefina

Radiographs Of Three-Toed Hands

momia18Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Subsequently, the findings were brought in a radiological laboratory to carry out the first X-ray analysis. The X-ray of the hand with three fingers formed by six phalanges each, and still with nerves and tendons, indicates that the mummified limb belongs to a tridactyl species.
It is important to underline that it is not a characteristic due to a malformation of the hand of a human being. We can be sure about it because in medical cases and scientific literature there are no cases of malformations of this type in humans.
X-rays show another detail that still does not have a certain explanation: in the wrist of one of the hands it is evident the presence of a circular metal plate whose function remains unknown.

Radiographs of the bodies

Josefina is the first intact body to undergo the examinations. When the X-ray plates had been developed, the surprise was remarkable because the notable differences with the human body become evident. Furthermore, two astonishing things were witnessed: the presence of a metal plate at the height of the shoulder blades, whose function cannot be determined function, and the presence of three ovoid bodies in the lower abdomen.
The certain identification of the different nature of the two unusual elements found in Josefina's body is described by Dr. Zalce: "we found three ovoid-like structures that allow us to see the backside represented by the presence of the bones, namely these ovoids are translucent and therefore identifiable as a biological substance, as are the eggs. Therefore we can say that this body was in a gestation phase ".

momia19 20Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Dr. Jos? Jesus Zalce deepens further the evaluations on these bodies based on the radiographic analysis: "the anatomical structures that we can observe in radiographs are placed and arranged in the correct biomechanical form which makes it extremely unlikely to be a forgery.
The difficulty of artificially making the shoulder girdle and the pelvic girdle, the arrangement of the vertebrae with the ribs, the union and the correspondence of the bones with the joints, make it extremely difficult that it was possible to falsify it. The truth is that this body has all the biomechanical and anatomical characteristics to confirm that it is an original body. Observing the specific characteristics of each body, in this example we see the skull, the small bones of the face, a very long neck, the shoulder belt with the scapula, the vertebral bodies and those that look like the ribs with a very marked horizontal position, almost at 90 ? with respect to the vertebral column, very different from any other rib cage conformation known on the earth's surface.

We see that the hip has a capacity of articulation which is not spherical, as it should be in a primate, but instead is straight, as would be in a reptilian type beyng. Furthermore, the phalanges of the fingers of the hands are particularly long. In this other example we can observe that the length of the skull is a little longer previous specimen while maintaining the similarity of the bones and the occipital hole from which, probably, passing the bone marrow.

momia21Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560The frontal bones are a little more prominent than in the previous one, but it could be due to the different position of the finding. However in this one is present the jaw, the upper maxillary bone, the ocular orbit, and those that seem to be the remains of the bones of the nostril. There is not a real nostril actually, because the face is flat, however, inwardly, one can observe what appears to be an orifice.
In the neck we can see some structures that we defined as "bearings", like a vertebral body but with a density lower than the bones. This makes us suppose that they may have had a more flexible neck than ours. As for the shoulder blades, we can see that they seem to be a little larger but, even here, it could be due to the position. We see that they have a body posture tilted forward.
The very important feature in this specimen is the remarkable space between the vertebrae and the ribs to give space and capacity to these three ovoid bodies, which likely, are real eggs. However, we could establish this with more certainty with a tomography that would allow us to see its consistency and, above all, its content. From the hip joint we can establish that they probably had a straight limb movement, not as spherical as we humans do.

momia22Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Detail of hip joint

I must say that these X-ray images are very impressive and exciting: they show two different bodies but of the same species. Difficult to replicate or manufacture. This difficulty is due to anatomical similarity and to the very precise details that they possess in the anatomical correlation, with a specific biomechanics for each body. I do not consider it a reptile even if it has all the characteristics of the "phenotype". (In biology, the set of morphological and functional characteristics of an organism as resulting from the expression of its genotype and environmental influences.) of reptiles, both in the bone structures and in the presence of the eggs. We find ourselves in front beings of which there is no record or documentation in the history of science".

Another aspect of differentiation between these beings and a terrestrial man is that the bones of the arms and legs are singular unlike humans where they are combined. In the human forearm we have two bones, the cubit and the radius, the tibia and the fibula in the leg, instead in these bodies the radiographs have highlighted only one bone in the upper and lower limbs.

momia23Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Jaime Maussan gives the following comment to these results: "it is the most extraordinary story that I have ever been able to investigate because they are physical evidence and because none of the results obtained through the analysis of the finds has shown that it is not of an authentic find until now. We have waited for a similar image for a lifetime. An incontrovertible proof of the presence on Earth of beings with non-human characteristics that could have originated in other places in the universe, before arriving on Earth. Beings who, thanks to these extraordinary images, we know to be humanoids that however show eggs inside their body.
Eggs that indicate that they belong to the reptile family than that of humans, ie mammals. I repeat that we must therefore take into consideration that their evolution may have occurred in some other place different from the Earth as there are no references that other humanoid bodies with similar characteristics have ever been found on our planet. We recall that these bodies were found in a sarcophagus in the area of the Nazca plain, and that they were probably mummified by human beings and that therefore these beings did not live in the wild state but probably were part of an ancient civilization".

Mystery Surrounding the Bodies

The mystery regarding these bodies has deepened with the passage of time. Were the ancient people of Nazca visited by beings from other worlds? Near Nazca there is the town of Ica where there is the well-known museum founded by the late Dr. Javier Cabrera that holds thousands of engraved stones and a real lytic library that tells the story of an ancient extra-terrestrial intervention to improve mental characteristics and intellectuals of the Terrans.momia24 25 26Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560

Stones old about 12,000 years found in Ica and kept in the museum founded by Dr. Javier Cabreras

Dr. Cabrera claimed that the plain of Nazca was an ancient extra-terrestrial spaceport whose drawings, still visible today, were a tribute to the "gods" coming from the stars and the lines served as orientation and who knows what else. The discovery has never been accepted by orthodox science despite the numerous scientific data that prove its authenticity but you know, things go in this way on planet Earth...

momia27 28 29Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Rock paintings and ornamental designs from Peru depicting beings with three fingers

Another fact that is added to this intriguing enigma is that in Peru there are many traces of beings with three fingers. We can see them in cave paintings, in ceramics, in ornamental designs and in fabrics coming from indigenous customs. Furthermore, the extra-terrestrial hypothesis is fascinating because,  we have some archaeological traces of a great importance that would indicate that creatures on the lines of  reptile nature have really lived there with human beings considered some sort of outsider.

momia30 31Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Archaeological finds depicting beings with a physiological reptilian origin (from sx to dx.) From: Japan, Peru, Iraq

In the images we can see statuettes representing creatures who had their heads shaped in reptilian mould. These findings took place in Peru, Japan, in the temple of Horyuji Nara, and in Iraq, ancient Mesopotamia, where the Sumerian civilization developed. Here there are also the 7,000 years old statuettes found in Al-Ubaid, older than the Sumerians themselves. Some of the characters are represented with elements indicating a dominant caste, who commanded, and both adults and newborns are represented by both genders. One can also see females nursing their children who seem to be small reptilians themselves.

A new body appears

After carrying out these investigations in Lima, the capital of Peru, the group of researchers went to Nazca. The place is one of the driest in the world having an extremely low annual rainfall percentage. As a consequence it favours the conservation of the mummified bodies. For this reason they were found the oldest mummies ever recorded in history. It is precisely in Nazca that the incredible discovery of mummified bodies would take place.

The Russian Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a doctor of technical and engineering sciences who is part of the research group, says: "It has atypical characteristics compared to human beings, fingers, its structure, the number of vertebrae... it is different. However there is no doubt, it is an incredible discovery, one of the most incredible in the XXI century ".

momia32Le incredibili mummie di Nazca300The being called Mary

The body, which is given the name of "Mary", is without auricles but with an ear canal and with long arms that reach up to the knees. Also its structure indicates that the being had to possess an incredible strength when it was in life. The hands and feet are tridactyl but with five phalanges instead of the six of the bodyless hands seen before. The structure of the face, although similar, presents several differences: the size of the skull is larger and elongated towards the back, the ocular cavity is different. Maria also has fewer vertebrae of human beings, about 25 compared to the 32 owned by man. It is a very well preserved specimen that, due to the characteristics shows in the adherence of the skin to the body and for the muscle thinning, the specialists estimate could have at least 500 years of antiquity.

momia33Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560It is also hypothesized that these beings may be the result of very ancient genetic operations as it is written in ancient texts such as the Sumerian tablets. Dr. Jos? de la Cruz Rios expresses his opinion on: "The most important part in this new body is the presence of three fingers in both hands and feet. This shows us that it is a unique species of which, to date, we do not know the biological origins, ie we are not able to determine whether it is really the specimen of a naturally occurring species or a hybrid obtained by mixing other genes with those of the human species ".

X-Rays And Tomography Of Maria

Further accusations and allegations of official archaeologists are rained on this new body. They accuse the research team of modifying the limbs of a common human body and then claim it as a "foreign body". They say without any supporting evidence that the feet were cut and then reattached to the body, having first been careful to cut the phalanges, modify them, and readjust them to the others.

momia34Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Dr. Jos? de Jesus Zalce reviewed the X-rays performed on the body of Maria and expresses his considerations on the possibility that these accusations are true: "no, the feet have not been absolutely modified and we have verified it through direct analysis, namely the X-ray and tomographies made on the body. It is not possible that the phalanges were cut and after reassembled differently because the length of each bone is specific. This gives us indications that no bone has been cut, modified and added. Furthermore, the anatomical correspondence, the harmony that exists between each bone and the correlation between the individual parts, determine that it is not possible to accept the hypothesis of alteration or falsification of these hands and feet."

The new body is also undergo to a CT scan. The radiologist and TAC expert Mary K. Jessy of the University of Colorado has been asked to read the obtained images and these are her assessments: "Someone could have modified the skull of this body and also the hands, to assume this conformation but, based on these images, I consider it quite improbable or, at least, difficult to achieve. In the skull I do not see any central line, there are no bones that are separated, the skull looks like a single piece, it's solid, it's a solid structure".

momia35Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560The radiologist and expert in CT SCAN, Mary K. Jessy of the University of Colorado

All the results indicate again that we are dealing with something completely different from the structural conformation of the body of a normal human being, considering also that the dimensions of the skull are quite larger than those of a man's skull.

Given the exceptional nature of the new finding, it was decided to subject the body to the examination of further experts, this time of Russian nationality, Dr. Natalia Zaloznaja, Dr. Tatyana Rakhova.

All the results indicate again that we are dealing with something completely different from the structural conformation of the body of a normal human being, furthermore also that the dimensions of the skull that are quite larger than those of a man's skull.

As a consequence of the exceptional nature of the new finding, it was decided to undergo the body to the examination of further experts: the Russian Dr. Natalia Zaloznaja and  Dr. Tatyana Rakhova.

They have analyzed the tomography of the mummy recovered at Palpa, and have found that they are not real mummies in the traditional sense, but dried bodies with  all the internal organs still present in their place.

momia36 37 38Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560

It is an extraordinary fact that is added to the others because in the normal mummies the internal organs are removed to prevent the rotting of the body. The evaluation of Dr. Natalia Zaloznaja says: "The body seems mummified but the organs are still inside. The body is quite well preserved. In the images of the CT scan, all the structures are visible especially the bones and I consider it a real body. In the skull we can observe less dense elements of the bone structure, I believe that they are the dehydrated remains of the brain.
In the chest you can well observe the cavity in which the heart is located and the main parts of the bronchial system. In the abdominal cavity you can also see the outlines of the liver and the spleen, probably because these are the organs of greater size and, therefore, the most visible. In the pelvic cavity the contours of the intestine are clearly visible because they contrast with the other more dense elements. From the structure of the pelvis we deduce that it is a female, the internal organs are very similar to the current ones of the human being. The considerably different parts are the hands and feet that have three fingers and the structure of the head due to the abnormal lengthening of the skull. Furthermore the upper jaw and the forehead are quite conical".

Also the Peruvian Dr. Raimundo Salas, radiologist and expert in Computerized Axial Tomography, confirms that the Mary's tomography shows all organs in a state of complete dehydration. This reinforces the certainty that they are real mummies, with the bodies dried up. Salas also confirms that the joints of the bones are perfectly fine in place and they have not undergone any previous or posthumous changes. In other words there is no sign that the body of Mary has gone through mutilations.

momia39Le incredibili mummie di Nazca300The fingerprints of Maria

Moreover, once the white powder covering the fingertips was removed, another incredible anomaly was found.  The fingerprints vary a lot  the human ones, because the mummy has some imprints with slightly curved parallel lines. As a consequence, the hypothesis about an exogenous origin to the Earth of these beings takes more and more consistency.

The mysterious white powder

As we have seen, the analyses carried out on the body of Mary clearly showed that the bodies examined so far are not true mummies but totally desiccated whole organisms. At this point it was decided to analyse the very fine white powder and similar to plaster, which covers the bodies found. This white powder is not usual in Peruvian mummies, At the same time, the powder was easily removed and seems to have been applied to the skin in combination with some type of liquid, perhaps an oil. That oil allowed it to adhere to the epidermis. The analyses established that the substance is diatomaceous earth or diatomite, obtained by grinding a sedimentary siliceous rock of organic origin.

momia40 41Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560This rock is formed in lacustrine or marine environment. This happens due to sedimentation on the bottom of the siliceous shells of diatoms, which are unicellular algae appeared about 145 million years ago. The diatomaceous earth has excellent absorbing, fungicidal and insecticidal properties, suitable for a type of preservation as found in the dried bodies under examination. There are diatomite deposits all over the world and also near the area where the bodies of the anomalous mummies have been found. With these results we think we have solved the mystery of the incredible state of conservation of the bodies called the "mummies of Nazca".

Baby Wawita and Victoria

momia42Le incredibili mummie di Nazca300The surprises are not yet finished because new discoveries come to light: the first is the body of a child, dried up like the others.  Also this body has three fingers in the hands and feet and it is given it the name of Wawita, which in the indigenous language Quechua means "baby". This suggests to researchers that these beings not only lived together with the ancient inhabitants of the Nazca area, but also mated and reproduced on site. Radiologist Dr. Raimundo Salas has analyzed this body by tomography and said that it could be a child. He could be generated by a being similar to the mummy called Maria because it presents the same characteristics, including the larger volume of the skull that is stretched towards the rear.

momia43 44Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Thereafter, another umpteenth body of small dimensions is found in a wall of the tomb. It is without the head, buried in a sitting position and it is given it the name of Victoria. The body, at the level of the cervical region, does not have vertebrae as we know it, but presents something similar to vertebral spongy "pads". It also does not even have pubic bone. This new body has exactly the same characteristics found in the two bodies called Albert and Josefina. The skin has a scaly nature, very similar to that of a lizard or a snake. Therefore, until this moment of the investigation, two different tridactyl species were found that lived and reproduced both in the ancient territory of Nazca, in Peru.

The Elongated Skulls

It is worth remembering that in many parts of the world there was the custom to stretch the skulls of children by rope or rope and wood constructions, as a symbol of social excellence and intelligence.  We can see that in some African tribes this custom passed down to modern times. Among the archaeological finds of elongated skulls, the most numerous and important are found in Peru, in the coastal area of Paracas which is about 200 km from Nazca. Could it have been the presence of these beings, perhaps more evolved and intelligent than Sapiens Sapiens, who started the custom of extending the skulls of newborns? A mystery that, perhaps, these findings will help to solve.

momia45Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Carbon 14 Dating

Being biological material, it is decided to undergo the findings to Carbon 14 analysis to determine its antiquity, because it is not possible to date the inorganic material with this type of analysis. The Carbon 14 analyses were carried out by the American laboratory Beta Analytic Inc., located in Miami, Florida and the UNAM National University of Mexico. The results were quite discrepant: in the first analysis the Beta Analytic, estimated an age about 6420 years for one of the tridactyly hands and 3380 years for the second analysis, instead the result was of 1250 years for the Mexican University. The experts could not explain the reason for this huge difference, but it was again confirmed that it is an organic find of considerable antiquity.

momia46Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560The same analyzes were carried out on the bodies of small reptiloid beings 60 cm tall. According to the data of Beta Analytics the bodies have an age of 1100 years and 1050 years. UNAM, National Autonomous University of Mexico, instead evaluated the same findings about750 years old. In this case the results show a greater uniformity, being the time interval between 800 and 1100 years of antiquity. The results of the three analyzes on the mummy named Maria were 1750, 1771 and 1785 years, so in this case we can consider the results as very reliable because we can locate the age of the body in the known historical era of the Nazca culture. Just its appearance and its physical conformation have nothing to do with the indigenous population that lived in that region 1700 years ago.

Guilty And Irresponsible Ostracism

Since the first time that these photos and videos of the findings have been published, the research group has been damaged by the controversy and accusations of fraud and falsification, such as the assembling of animal bones.
However, those who accuse them did not provide any evidence to support their thesis. They just draw inferences based on nothing, such as threats of legal action for illegal trafficking of artefacts and damage to the archaeological heritage of Peru.
The attitude of the representatives of the official bodies remained the same in the following months, even claiming that it had now been clearly demonstrated that everything was just a great fraud. The Peruvian archaeological institutions have been invited on several occasions to officially analyze the bodies found, but have always denied the comparison while attacking the goodness of the exceptional find.
This is a typical attitude when trying to bury some discovery that disturbs the status quo of the system. This does not accept any variation in the reading of history and orthodox "scientific truths". These variations could disturb the powerful people who dominate our society and establish the "truths"that can be accepted only on the basis of their interests of domination of the peoples.

Jaime Maussan says: "With all these analytical results obtained, history should be changed, but will archaeologists, anthropologists and historians accept it? I believe they will resist these changes, but now the evidence is physical and we just wait for the brightest minds to be able to analyze them. Meanwhile, we are also doing the DNA analysis of these strange bodies. Also the Carbon 14 analyzes have confirmed the antiquity of the finds and this confirms that they are authentic. It can not be a fraud, 100% is a biological organism, real and physical ".

It should also be considered that the group of independent researchers, who are courageously carrying out the investigations, will not guarantee over time the correct conservation of this precious material. The bodies have remained in a dry and rich diatomaceous earth for centuries and now, out of that context, the danger that the bodies fall into disrepair is very high.

This conservation should be carried out by the competent official bodies that have the power to implement what is necessary to safeguard the bodies. In addition there is also the risk that private collectors buy the bodies and close them in their personal collections, it seems that already potential buyers have come forward offering substantial figures.
momia47Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560Dr. Jos? Jesus Zalce
Jaime Maussan himself went personally to the offices of the Ministry of Culture of Peru on 10 July 2017 to solicit a meeting with the director or with the representatives in order to present the first results of the analyzes. Maussan is welcomed with a hostile attitude, no one accepts this meeting, nor the invitation to participate in the press conference the next day in which the results of the first series of analyzes on abnormal bodies were presented to the Peruvian and international public.
(Link of the press conference 11 July 2017:
Evidently the fear of the institutions and the occult powers that have control, is that this discovery can lead to a a radical change in the history of humanity and a profound revision of the reality and role and position that terrestrial man has in the universe. It is the first time that a discovery of this magnitude is spread directly to the world without going through the filter and the control of official scientific organisms. As consequence they have reacted with a violent opposition to this extraordinary find.

Three Other Bodies Appear

While the investigations were still ongoing three new bodies emerged similar to Albert, Josefina and Victoria. This group was called "the family". The tomographies made on these new findings have evidenced other interesting peculiarities of their skulls, such as further differentiations from humans. As already noted in the inspection analysis of the first emerged skulls, the occipital hole of these bodies is square, whereas in the primates it is circular or oval. Moreover, this hole in man is located off axis with respect to the centre of the skull but here it is located exactly in the centre. Evidently it was in order to give a better balance to the disproportionate  large skull, during walking.
In a human being the viewing angle is about 140 ?, instead these beings could have a viewing angle up to 180 ? because depending on the position of the eye sockets. The oral cavity shows a very small jaw and a mandibular joint is not visible, this means that it would be just possible swallowing but not chewing of solid food. The numerous cavities in the structure of the skull give to the skull a greater lightness compared to the human one without altering the bone strength. This makes understandable the presence of a too large skull compared to the small body possessed by these beings.

DNA Analysis

On 5 September 2017, the first results of the DNA analysis of the trydaptile hands of mummies called Mary and Victoria were delivered to the researchers on 15 June 2017. The analytical results indicate that the 19/30% DNA of these bodies is identical to the human genome.
The 20% is of bacterial origin, certainly due to contamination of the finds. The remaining percentage is different from the human one and it was not possible to establish its origin as it is unlike any other type of DNA known on Earth. Further in-depth analyses are planned to try to identify this unknown DNA. At least another six months or one year is calculated to arrive at reliable results because the analysis on ancient organic material presents greater difficulties than the recent one.

Images Of The Place Of Discovery

On the 19th, 20th and 21st of September Jaime Maussan participates in an international ufological conference in Montserrat, Spain. On this occasion he On the 19th, 20th and 21st of September Jaime Maussan participates in an international ufological conference in Montserrat, Spain. On this occasion he discloses for the first time the video of the place where the so-called "mummies of Nazca" have been found. Filming was done by the Peruvian journalist Jois Mantilla who was escorted by the anonymous discoverer who calls himself "Mario". For the first time, ?Mario? agrees to escort someone and to film the site of the discovery that has been defined the "extraterrestrial citadel".

momia48Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560

Since the beginning of the investigation, Mantilla had been invited to be part of the group of researchers to testify everything that would have been discovered. The place is located on a mountain near Nazca and you get there climbing with difficulty the wall, as there are no walkable paths. The site is located in a natural diatom earth deposit and small rooms have been obtained in this place to ensure adequate conservation for a long time, which has occurred evidently.

Potential for Future Research

Thanks to these incredible finds, it would be possible to take into consideration that what has been hypothesized on human history, on its development and on evolution up to now could be wrong. The history of humanity should be rewritten and the scientific institutions should accept the inconsistency of scientific shaky theories about evolution. Today it have been definitively demonstrated by this exceptional discovery. We do not know if they will or not but the story is going on and the truth can be hindered but not stopped as a cosmic beings have often said.

Jaime Maussan comments on: "the discovery of the so-called" mummies of Nazca "and the possible confirmation that they are really non-human entities, would require a true transformation of history as we know it so far.

momia49 50Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560 Jaime Maussan

We should try to find the origin of these beings discovered in a cave near Nazca. You should overcome the sterile diatribes about the reality of this discovery that is widely documented of the investigations and analyzes performed on the bodies. The most important thing would be to understand what the implication of these beings has been in the past of humanity and how they have influenced our development ".

Thierry Jamin, director of the Peruvian non-governmental institute INKARI says: "In these months, we have tried the impossible to recover this material. I did it as a man, as a citizen of the world. When we had this information we could not keep it secret, just keep it for us. We had to spread it because all over the world there are millions of people who have been searching for these trials for decades. Now we are the ones who were lucky enough to get to know them first. I wonder if the human beings do not come from the monkey but from other branches of evolution because maybe the past is much more complex than imagined so far. "

Also the astronomer Fernando Correa, who is part of the investigation team, makes the following analysis: "if this discovery can emerge to the great mass and to be taken seriously by the international scientific community, will be a cultural, historical and scientific shock. History will have to be rewritten and we will have a greater clarity of our true origins and of our own conception as beings in the universe".

momia51Le incredibili mummie di Nazca560

On October 2017 this is the situation of the investigations on one of the most important archaeological finds in human history or perhaps, the most important. The 2017 is a fateful year inextricably linked to the prophecy of Fatima. This prophecy connects this year to the beginning of the definitive collapse of a system that has kept man in ignorance, in cosmic isolation, in fear and in the unawareness of his real spiritual and eternal nature.

A demonic and inhumane system that has caused in the world immense suffering in all natural kingdoms leading them to an irreversible collapse. It has led the society to be a chaotic gathering of beings without a reason, without real goals, without a present and without a future. Nevertheless the prophecy moves towards its natural and unstoppable fulfilment. I believe that this discovery is another of the many pieces that confirm that the words of Jesus Christ, our King and Savior, remain true in time: Matthew 10, "26 Do not fear them therefore, since there is nothing hidden that should not be unveiled, and of secret that should not be manifested".

P. G. Caria
October 15th, 2017