Palermo (Italy)
7th May 2013. 3:05 p.m.
G. B.

By Pier Giorgio Caria

As I have often written and explained, crop circles are a form of communication through symbols that come to us from super cosmic civilizations who are present here, in our world, to help us to overcome one of the worst moments of crisis in human history. These very advanced beings, our true superior brothers, are preparing the "New Man", the "Homo Novus" already theorized by Giordano Bruno centuries ago. I remind you his prophetic words in memory of this extraordinary man, who even today,are at the forefront in the vision of how a real humanity of the highest order should be.

He, among other things, said: "a new cosmos vision must necessarily correspond to a new conception of man... The chairs to the wise, not to the dogmatists, the desks available to anyone who loves sciences, a truly free teaching, a society in which the work of the hands and the one of the intelligence can be honored in equal measure. Only in this way the Homo Novus can be born. "
Just this one and much more is the cosmic project that the extraterrestrials are helping us to realize in our world. Project, that we know, will culminate with the second manifestation of Christ with great power and glory (Mk 13:24,32) and the establishment of the "Kingdom of God on Earth." The constant manifestation of their means, their contactees, their overt and covert direct help, are exactly preparing the '"Homo Novus", the future inhabitant. finally evolved and conscious, of our world. And in fact, the genesis and the development of the Crop Circles phenomenon comes from this scenario. As already said inadvance in a message from the Beings of Light given to the contactee and stigmatist Giorgio Bongiovanni, on the occasion of the appearance in an English wheat field on July 30th 2010, of the face of Jesus that NASA has obtained from the Shroud, the figures manifested through pictograms would be evolved towards mystical-spiritual symbols: ??WE WANT TO REMIND YOU THAT THE TEACHING AND THE MESSAGE THAT DURING ALL THESE YEARS WE HAVE TRANSMITTED ALSO THROUGH THE "PHENOMENON" OF PICTOGRAMS WILL UNDERGO A NATURAL TRANSITION FROM A COSMIC - SCIENTIFIC IMAGE TO A MYSTIC ? SPIRITUAL IMAGE, THIS IS TO EMPHASIZE TO YOUR CONSCIENCES THAT THIS IS THE TIME THAT ANNOUNCES THE COMING OF CHRIST ON EARTH (Matthew: 24-30, Mark: 13-26, Luke: 12-40, Revelation by John: 1-7 and so on) AND THEN THE TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT?S SCIENCE OVER THE SCIENCE WITHOUT CONSCIENCE??

During the 2012 season, one of the most meaningful symbols in this sense appeared in two periods, on 1st and 21st July, near Liddington, Wiltshire, England.

This figure is a very important symbol of the esoteric science and it is the Merkabah, according to the Egyptian esoteric science or Merkavah, according to the Jewish cabal. The word Merkabah is made up of three words: Mer, Ka, Ba. They come from the esoteric school of the ancient Egypt; "Mer", defines two counter-rotating fields of light-energy that envelop the human body. "Ka" means the individual spirit, the intelligence, "Ba", indicates the physical body of the man or the physical reality. In other situations where the spirit has no body, "Ba" refers to its concepts or interpretation of reality in the kingdom in which it manifests.

In the meanwhile, we note that the star of David comes from the Merkaba, this fact must not surprise us.
I remind you the long period of slavery in Egypt of the Jews. Period in which the sages of the chosen people have absorbed the great initiatory knowledge of the Egyptian priests. Knowledge we know that comes from Atlantis.

Merkabah is a body, an object, or an energy that takes the human being to a higher level of consciousness and I would like to express the meaning of this concept in some aspects of the utmost importance at this time.
By analyzing the figure, we see that the Merkabah, considered in its three dimensions, is composed of two tetrahedrons, two pyramids based on equilateral triangular, composition which is also called "Tetrahedral Star". We know that the five Platonic solids represent the five basic components of creation according to the ancient concept, they are: the Tetrahedron the fire, the Hexahedron (Cube)
the Earth, the Octahedron the air, the Dodecahedron the Ether, the Icosahedron (20 faces) the water. The ether is not considered yet by the modern science, although actually, Nicola Tesla, the great scientist, father of the modern technological civilization, spoke of it as a real energy.

Obviously also the tetrahedral star formed, precisely, by two tetrahedra, is connected to the fire ie energy. This fact is not a mere philosophical speculation but it includes a scientific knowledge still ignored by the human science. Let us analyze the effects of it on Microcosmic and Macrocosmic scale. If we insert the tetrahedron star inside a sphere, the tips of the tetrahedra touch the sphere at 19.5 degrees in relation to the equator.

Well, geometrically speaking, 19.5 ? is the degree to which the interdimensional energetic transition manifests. This fact causes particular impacts at physical level on planets.

In fact, at 19.5 ?, on Neptune, we have the great dark spot and at 19.5? degrees on Saturn, we have anomalous x-ray emissions.
Still on Saturn at 19.5? degrees there is the great white spot in the northern hemisphere.
On Jupiter, at 19.5? degrees, we have one of its Moons and the great red spot.

On Mars, we have the large Olympus volcano, the largest volcano in the solar system, and on the other side, we have the city of Cydonia.
On Earth at 19.5?  degrees we have the band of volcanoes, also the Popocatlepetl, which is a dimensional door, where, between 2012 and 2013, we saw a big increase of UFO presence.
At this angle, we also have two important points that are the Devil's Triangle, near Japan, and the Bermuda Triangle where inexplicably objects, ships, planes, people and so on disappear. So it is a connecting point between the three ? dimension and the higher dimension. And we see this with even greater and extraordinary clarity, if we examine our star, the Sun.

Solar explosions, especially in recent years, are taking place especially at 19.5? degrees North and South Let us analyze the Sun in November 98 and the Sun a few months ago, in October 2012 and April 2013. This means that the Sun is connecting our dimension with the higher dimension, it is transforming and elevating it on frequency. Then facts are happening that scientists know very well and that extraterrestrials revealed in advance to us years and years ago. Facts about not only our little planet, but about the entire solar system. Actually the climate change depends on the Sun, it is only amplified and put into greater imbalance by the misguided human activities. We can confirm this by checking that the increase in global temperatures and the graph of solar activity trend, are quite similar, so the Sun is the main cause of the climate change.

It is true that the emission of greenhouse gases has worsened and unbalanced further this situation, but the Sun is the primary cause of these changes and we see it by analyzing what it is happening in other planets of the solar system.

On Jupiter we have an increase of the atmospheric turbulence and today we see three red spots on its surface, not just one, they are gigantic storms larger than planet Earth. On north pole of Saturn a giant storm, twice the size of the earth, Hexagonal shaped, has formed.
 The water on Mars is melting. The seasonal change of the Martian North Pole has reached levels never seen before.
Always on Neptune we have had a great increase in the brightness of the atmosphere of the planet. Even the surface of Pluto is having profound changes that surprise the scientists.
In the South Pole of Venus atmospheric vortices formed which reached an enormous intensity.

Harcking back to our Earth, a strong ionospheric anomaly was detected over India in the month of March 2013. From all these data we see clearly that an impressive increase of energy throughout the solar system is real even if it is hidden by media. This is another event that Mayans prophesied to us, they predicted that at this time the Sun would have "spoken", namely it would have clearly manifested its power. The changes caused by the Sun are not limited to what I have just explained. Always from crop circles, we have received the information that the Sun would have also changed the genetics of the man, his DNA. We clearly deduced it from two magnificent pictograms appeared on 4th July and 28th August 2002. Both figures represent our star with rays in the DNA double helixshape. In the figure of August 28th this is more evident.
This is another fact well known by scientists, but not only, the solar activity also influences our psyche and spirituality. The German professor Dieter Broers has made important studies on these subjects, so in-depth studies that he issued dozens of patents for medical machines.

Broers says that thanks to this study on solar emissions they were able to understand the action of the frequencies on the cell and asserts that today we can, through these frequencies, give the right information to a diseased cell and restore it to health. He studied with scientific methods the Mayan prophecies coming to striking results and confirming how profoundly correct is the knowledge left to us by Maya on the changes that are taking place at this time. I report some of his important statements about it, you can find much more material on the net:

Reporter: Professor Broers, you put the Sun in relation to our psyche. Could you explain us this connection?
Prof. Broers: Everyone knows the vitality that the sun can cause. Everyone knows the cycle of the seasons. It is known that the depressive winter moods are related to the Sun, to the lack of light. There are other natural cycles in addition to those annual ones and the Sun goes through different processes. It sends some charges of electrons and protons that change the earth's magnetic field. In this domain, it is recognized that the influence on biological systems is significant. Some studies have clearly ascertained some connections between certain magnetic irregularities and the number of admissions in psychiatric clinics, road accidents or suicides. Some NASA scientists including Professor Franz Halberg, were able to establish a direct relation between the occurrence of heart attacks and the magnetic changes on Earth generated by the Sun. We can start from the idea that a large part of our "diseases of civilization" come from irregularities in the magnetic field. These same changes of the magnetic field led, even arguably, to the creation of brilliant ideas from inspiration. The dates of the creation of great symphonies, great works of poetry and extraordinary inventions are clearly related to them.

Reporter: Do these phenomena have also an influence on human community?
Prof. Broers: The authors Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell clarify the relationship between the rise and disappearances of empires and the corresponding solar cycles. From the Babylonians up to the Roman Empire or at the time of Mayan culture.

Reporter: What can you tell us about the transformations that are going to occur?
Prof. Broers: The Maya from Central America has handed down to us, about this question, the information that this "final period" of time would be guided by a "cosmic will." A sort of synchronization beam would be directed, from the center of our Milky Way, towards our Earth allowing a realignment of our humanity. The Mayans were able, with the help of their highly advanced astronomical knowledge, to date almost all important events. Their calculations immortalized in the "Tzolkin", the Mayan calendar, indicate for the 2012 a final fundamental process of transformation. The Mayans have described it as an "ascension into the 5th dimension." Looking at the course of our current global crisis, which seems to be heading towards a monumental final, you might believe to the pertinance of their prophecy.

Reporter: In addition to the Earth's magnetic field and the solar electromagnetic radiation, are there other sources that influnece us?
Prof. Broers: Yes, there are some rays that we have been able to measure only for about 15 years. NASA talks about sensational events that seem almost identical to the informations provided by Maya. The ray of synchronization mentioned by Maya now seems to be recognized by astrophysicists. They say that from the center of our galaxy, an energetic ray, not conceivable before, seems to illuminate the Earth "as a beacon that comes from the depths of space." During the past years, the irradiation amplified of several hundred percent. Having studied these subjects for about 30 years, I can confirm that we can see some changes that would have been inconceivable before and that aim first to our state of consciousness.

Reporter: What does the astrophysics say about this strange ray?
Prof. Broers: It is a big enigma. The Mayan calendar is back. It says, quite concretely, what will happen at the end of the time, namely relatively: a lot of chaos on our planet. As already recalled, the Maya predicted a new orientation of the universe from this synchronization ray.
Before continuing, I must clarify a fact that could give rise to misunderstandings. The mutation of the man caused by the Sun is not passive, we must participate in increasing the capacity of our bio-psycho-spiritual system to receive these incentives through our positive actions, otherwise this increase in energy can not find the necessary condition. Like a light bulb subjected to a high voltage we can "burn ourselves", "go into overload" and go crazy, if we do not adapt ourselves to it. It is like with the tumultuous current of a river: if we are in favor it leads us quickly to destination, if we swim against the tide, it overwhelms us.
Another important observation to make is that the two crop circles that represent the Sun with the double helix of DNA have six rays, six arms.

This is not a coincidence: the six-pointed star is the monogram of Christ, then the message that the extraterrestrials are giving to us by these symbols, is that the deep cause that through the Sun is transforming the solar system, the planet Earth, the human being himself, is divine, a concept already expressed in the statements of Prof. Broers. That means that spirit and matter are two faces of the same coin and science and religion are he same. Then God is transcendent but also manifested through the material creation that is governed by eternal laws that have cause and origin in the realm of the divine Spirit. This extraordinary knowledge is from that what we call "science of the spirit", the science of higher worlds and dimensions of which the extraterrestrial brothers have spoken countless times. Among other things, thanks to the studies of Professor Masaru Emoto, Japanese, it has been proved that if the water "listens" to the word Christ, the crystal that forms by freezing it, takes the form of the monogram of Christ.
This indicates to us that the ancients, when they designed this symbol, knew perfectly well this science. They knew very well that the divinity is the heart beating, the first cause of the material creation and that science and spirit are not two separated things in opposition, but they are one the aspect of the other. Therefore, today this separation must be completed and it will because, as we have seen, the whole creation is working on this. Let us see at what level of information we are by starting from the beautiful figure of the Merkabah appeared on english fields in July 2012. But it is not over yet. So far we have dealt with one aspect of the Merkabah, considering it as an energetic structure that is transforming the solar system and the man himself, taking himself on a higher vibrational level and also of consciousness. We shall now examine other concepts held by the Merkabah always related to the concept of vehicle that carries the man towards a higher state of life and consciousness. In Hebrew, Merkavah also means "wagon". It is originated from the biblical verse of Ezekiel 1:1,28 where it speaks of a "chariot of fire and winged Beings". This verse if you read it with an interpretive key different from that traditional one, clearly indicates the contact with not terrestrial and of superior dimensions beings. Another similar verse is 2Kings 2:1,1 that describes the abduction of the prophet Elijah who was kidnapped on a chariot of fire. The "Wagon", the Merkabah, then is also a real vehicle, built and driven by beings of superior nature that take man on other planes of existence, and consequently, also of consciousness. The presence of non-terrestrial beings in the Bible is reported countless times, they are generically indicated with the term of men, angels or gods. Even in Isaiah 60:8, the prophet in front of a show, incomprehensible for him, exclaims: "Who are those that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?"
Fortunately, thanks to the modern photographic and video recording techniques it is now possible to see their faces, how these "men" and the mysterious "chariots of fire", the Merkabahs, by which these super evolved beings, described by the ancient prophets, travel, really are.
The beings of light Ashtar Shenar and Adoniesis

UFO going from the material status to that energetic-astral one ? Picture by Antonio Giannuzzi
This speech could perhaps cause the reaction of some religious person who may be shocked to hear about Extraterrestrials in the Bible. If this should happen I want to remind to them that the theological teaching on Angels, presented as ethereal beings of pure spirit, is entirely plausible in terms of its biblical narrative. In Genesis 18, Abraham invites the three men suddenly appeared before him to sit in the shade, he invites them to wash their feet and offers them some bread, something to drink and to eat. Later (Genesis 19), two of them will go to Sodom where they will be greeted by Lot, Abraham's nephew, and he also will give a banquet for the two men. Then, not having the two men found any righteous in the corrupted city, they will destroy it along with Gomorrah, after the Sodomites had tried to rape them; how can we imagine that some depraved men attempt to sexually abuse of ethereal beings? So we are talking about real people who have a terrible power. Note that in Genesis 18 these beings are presented as men, later, in Genesis 19, the same are presented as Angels. The word angel comes from greek and means "messenger", so the Angels are messenger- men, namely men who carry a message, a teaching of higher order to take the man towards a greater spiritual evolution. Obviously I do not want to say in a banal way that the Angels are only men simply more technologically advanced, astronauts from distant worlds of cosmos, but I want to affirm that they are beings of an evolution which is higher than ours, coming from realities that exist and are of superior dimensional levels . They are in fact, those who took Elijah to Heaven by the Merkabah, the "Whirlwind", which took him phisically, with the body that have to be content and housed in a concrete vehicle. I still remind you that Christ himself says that his kingdom is not of this world (Jn 18, 36) and that our Lord was taken by a "cloud" that hid him to the eyes of the apostles and disciples (Acts 1 , 9-11). Cloud from which two men come out and say to those who have remained, ?Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into heaven? This Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven. "We can see that also here it is talked about men and ethereal angels. In addition to this, the Catholic Church has started a process of opening up to the extraterrestrial subject for years, considering the Belief about the existence of extraterrestrials not contrary to the Catholic faith. I remind you that in 1998 an interview with Monsignor Corrado Balducci was already published in the newspaper "Il Giornale" where the prelate, among other things, stated: "However, it is reasonable to believe and say that aliens exist. Their existence can not be denied any longer, because there are too many evidences of the existence of extraterrestrials and flying saucers... Facts such as the existence of flying discs indicate that the aliens evolved more rapidly than the human beings. But even if it finds out that aliens are, in someway, superior than humans, this does not question the teachings of Christianity. This means that everything in the Universe, extraterrestrials included, are compatible with God" This is just one of the many statements that Monsignor Balducci has released on his iron certainty that the UFO phenomenon is real, it is of extraterrestrial origin, peaceful and non-aggressive and theologically coherent with the Catholic faith.
Later, in 2005, a member of the Jesuit order, Father Guy Consolmagno, an astronomer at the Vatican Observatory, a scientist who is the world's leading authority in the study of meteors, published a small pocket volume entitled "Intelligent Life in the Universe? Catholic Belief and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life" published by the "Catholic Truth Society", an English Catholic group. The scientist in this text affirms to believe in extraterrestrials and explains that this is not a choice  incompatible with the faith.
circulo262013 circulo272013 circulo282013
Mons. Corrado Balducci Father Guy Consolmagno Father G. Consolmagno's book
Although the text was available only in English language, the newspaper "La Stampa" analysed it in an article of the Vatican correspondent Marco Tosatti, entitled "The jesuit astronomer believes in extraterrestrials". The following is one of the statements of Consolmagno described in the article: "A universe without limits could include other planets with other beings created by the same God of love. The idea that there are other races and other intelligences is not contrary to the traditional Christian thought?. Always Consolmagno in 2007, released a new interview, still on ET, where there are statements theologically even stronger: ?The idea that there are other races and intelligences than terrestrial ones, is not contrary to the traditional Christian thought. The study of the universe is a wonderful adventure that makes you be astonish in front of what God has created ... We can not think that God is so limited to create life only on Earth. The universe could really well contain other worlds with beings created by His own love. We are all God's creatures. Any person who is able to be aware of himself and others existence, and that is free to choose to love others or reject them, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, would have the traits of the human soul, namely created ?in the image and likeness of God?. So if the aliens had these characteristics of "intelligence" and "free will", they would be not only our brotehrs but they would share with us the same "image and likeness" of God himself".
circulo292013 circulo302013
Father Gabriel Jos? Funes Article title page with Father Funesinterview
To these statements echoed the following year, the new director of the Vatican Observatory, the Jesuit Father Jos? Gabriel Funes, who issued statements even stronger than Consolmagno, who made headlines around the world.

I quote one of the most interesting passages from the theological and philosophical point of you:
"As there is a multiplicity of creatures on Earth, so there could be other beings, also intelligent, created by God This does not contrast with our faith, because we can not put limits on God's creative freedom To sai it with St. Francis, if we consider earthly creatures as "brother" and "sister", why can not we also speak of an "extraterrestrial brother"? It would be a part of creation anyway. Let us borrow the gospel image of the lost sheep. The shepherd leaves the 99 in the fold to look for one that has been lost. We think that in this universe there can be 100 sheep, corresponding to different forms of creatures. We, who belong to the human race could be precisely the lost sheep, the sinners who need the shepherd. God became man in Jesus to save us. Thus, even if there were other intelligent beings, it is not said that they would need of redemption. They could have remained in full friendship with their Creator.
I want to repeat, to put them in evidence and comment on them, the last sentences of Father Gabriel Funes: "We who belong to the human race could be precisely the lost sheep, the sinners that need the shepherd. God became man in Jesus to save us. Thus, even if there were other intelligent beings, it is not said that they would need of redemption. They might have remained in full friendship with their Creator".

Actually, does not the Bible speak of men Angels? Are not the Angels, the pure beings that not having sins are closer to God, are they? The Angels come to us to bring us a message of salvation, they are messangers of an ethical and spiritual teaching of higher order, so that we, sinners can find the peace, the friendship and the closeness with the creator. So we can well understand that putting order in our thoughts, by informing us correctly on events that occur, by analyzing with an open mind and out of rigid and stereotyped dogma, the result of fanaticism and ignorance, the information and statements of important men of the church, the results of serious investigations on UFOs and what it is written in the Bible, you compose a harmonious and coherent framework that leads us to the correct view of these elements, to conclusions which are concordant in all their aspects that fully satisfy science and faith. And this, emphasizing that, we have reported only a small amount of informations today available in support of what we have achieved: yesterday's Angels are today's Extraterrestrials, with all that this entails.
To close this topic about the real nature of extraterrestrials that visit us, I want to describe an extraordinary document relatively recently declassified by the US FBI. The well-known federal agency of the us police opened in 2011, a website, whose name says it all, called "The Vault" ( word meaning "caveau" or "crypt". It is an electronic reading room where the FBI has made available numerous declassified documents, about 6700, on a variety of topics including Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs. From this extraordinary archive numerous disconcerting confirmations have emerged as informatives about other events after Roswell UFO crash and so far completely unknown if it was not for the publication of these documents. But the document that I want to analyze and highlight is a memorandum about the real nature of the extraterrestrials who visit us, dated 8 July 1947.


The memo is particularly addressed to some scientists and public officials who hold major activities in aviation and military field, and also involves some publications. The author of this note is a graduate in various disciplines and has been responsible for a university faculty. The author of the memo explains that "if you decide to attack these spaceships you need to be aware that almost certainly the aircraft, that have attacked, will be destroyed." This could bring panic among the population. Other important aspects describe the specific nature of UFOs and their occupants.

Here are the explanations that are in the document:
1-Part of the flying saucers owns crew while others are under remote control.
2-Their mission is peace. They contemplate on the adjustment of this plan.
3-These visitors are human-like but look much bigger in terms of size.
4-They are not disembodied people of planet Earth, they come from their world.
5-They do not come from other "planets" as we understand it, but from an etheric planet "imbued"
with ours and not perceptible to us.
6-The bodies of the visitors and the ships, materialize automatically when they enter into our vibrational frequency and in our dense matter. (See "contributions")
7-The flying saucers have a sort of radiant energy, or a ray, which can easily neutralize any enemy attack. They also may come back to the etheric plane and easily disappear from sight without a trace.
8-The region from which they come, is not the "astral plane" but it corresponds to LOKAS and TALAS (the esoteric students better understand these terms)
9-Probably they can not be reached by radio, but they could by radar, if you are creating a signal system which corresponds to the kind of "apparatus".
These "plates" are oval shaped and composed of a metal or an alloy resistant to heat, which is still unknown. Before this plate there is a control panel. The back contains weapons, which essentially consist of an energy device from which a beam can be generated in case of emergency.
I must say that as soon as I became aware of this document, I was shocked and scandalized. The document date is July 8, 1947. Only a few days ago, June 24, 1947, the media of that period gave the news of the sighting of nine flying saucers by the civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold and that same day, July 8, 1947, the newspaper "Roswell Daily Record ", reported the news of the discovery of the flying saucer crashed near the town of New Mexico. The modern ufology was doing just the first few faint steps. There was still no UFO researcher, there were not books, publications, television programs, radio programs, researchers, ufologists yet and, much less, contactees who might have inspired and encouraged by their press the author of this memorandum on this topic.. . Nothing, there was absolutely nothing, and already the intelligence agencies, the military and various scientists had understood everything, they knew everything about the real nature of this cosmic visit. We have suffered and continue to suffer the most criminal acts of concealment and deceit in the history of mankind. If the power had welcome these beings, if they had accepted them, if they had allowed humanity to know, to decide, to choose, how much suffering, how many dead people, how many disasters would we spare... children, what bright and happy future we would have given to them... Now certainly we would not be in this terrible situation in which we are. The lust for power of these men, their monstrous selfishness and the complicity of the indifferent and passive masses, has prevented and robbed us of the biggest and most redeeming event after the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. A lost humanity and a planet destroyed because of the tremendous human stupidity and blindness. They will answer before God and, I swear, I would not find myself in the shoes of those who are complicit and guilty of this terrible crime. The Merkabah appeared in the English fields, yet another expression of the sacred beauty of the phenomenon of crop circles, once again, has shown us a terrible but also fascinating scenario, leaving a message that confirms us that a huge transformation is taking place, that the' cosmic energy and the vehicles with the cosmic beings who visit us, are taking on a higher level of reality and consciousness, the entire solar system and all those who are working for a better, fairer, wiser world. Therefore, in spite of everything, not all is lost and these angelic travelers of the universe are still here, waiting, following, inspiring and helping all those who desire to embody and make real the dream of Giordano Bruno, the birth of Homo Novus, the cosmic man that at the end, also the planet Earth will give birth.

P. G. Caria, May 3rd , 2013